Or Believe Hoang Thuy The Wind Threatened To Sue The Bag, Milor Tran Immediately Announced: ‘like Stars, Afternoon “

Milor Ceiling photographer continues to have a shiny dynamic when people asked Hoang Thuy's stories to sue 9: 00/1: 54 South of the past few days, Milor photographers continuously have a poster Talking about the rushing runner for juniors to steal his chanel bag in the backstage of fashion show. The less pushing up when many netizens spread that Hoang Thuy is the one mentioned. Meanwhile, "the victim" of the incident is a model Le Thanh Thao also confirmed the incident and said that from it so far have not received any apology despite being poured. Hoang Thuy spoke about the explanation of this noisy, morning on July 10, Milor Tran continued to have a post took about being given to his family members for stealing when he was in Level 2. Although found out To be culprit, Milor Tran still didn't get any apology

. Milor's latest post of Tran received a lot of attention of the netizens. Learn below the post, a viewer asked about Le Thanh Thao Getting a runner-up blessing, Milor Tran immediately replied: "Well, the water broke, how to like it, then afternoon, so I was so too much" .milor Tran continued to have a noisy relationship of Hoang Thuy
Each That, on his personal page, Milor Tran also has a stir post, although it does not call the title but his status line is considered to be advised to know what and receive errors Or because of the piercing "", finally an apology is so hard to talk about? Do you get dead? Backstage Hundreds of people, both the model, both of you call you all witnessed, what do you want to sue? Do you think they don't dare to say names in fear of me? They are the one who is giving me a way to live and do it. Honor others not matter with me? From when do you give me the right to behave up with someone else? Don't forget, I've sorry for you because of the past young people. He told us to mention it, it was best to know it, don't let him face it, so it was very humiliated. At the time he wanted to sue him, he always invited him. The story was quiet several days when I would like to call stirring up the water, then work. "Currently, the royal thuy decided not to respond to this noisy.

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