Orange Bring The Opening Song The Heroes To The Mv, Less Than 24 Hours Has Achieved ‘terrible’ Achievements

Recently, the Warriors of the Master Ha Le and Nimbia - Orange brought the 'fired' in the heroes to MV.The Heroes - Idol of the 2021 idol went more than half of the way with a multitude of realities Interestingly, especially the mark of young warriors, belonging to gene z. To impress in the 12 warriors can not help but mention the name Orange. Combining with the Producer Monotape, this warrior has created unexpectedly through each competition with different colors.Orange gradually "molting" through each round here, Orange also releases the music product called me Sing anyone heard

. For Orange's fans, this song probably won't be strange when this is the repertoire that the female singer is brought to "fire", performed at the rounds of the Heroes. This item is later Created impressed with Master Ha Le - Nimbia, thereby leading to a relatively successful partnership at the moment in The Heroes.Ngay after releasing, MV I sing orange by Orange Receiving support from friends, colleagues as well as numerous audiences
Orange in the new MV debuted up to noon 19/8, ie only after nearly 20 hours of premiere, I sing anyone who has brought more than half a million. Watching on YouTube, ranking 18th in the popular Music section.MV of Orange was "attacking" YouTube back with the Journey of Orange and Producer Monotape at The Heroes, though losing consecutively twice before Warrior Erik. But Team Orange Juice still shows the "molting" through each round. With this positive signal, hope in the upcoming rounds, Orange and Monotape will have outbound performances, from which to regain What was lost in previous matches.Monotape and Orange at The Heroesthe Heroes - Idol of 2021 idols broadcast at 21:15 Sunday on VTV3 from May 23. All information about the program is updated in SaoSar Electronics Magazine - Fanpage The Heroes - Idol Idol and YouTube Viva Network channel.

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