Otrafy: Overcome The Inadequacies In Product Traceability

'Creating out' from a technology competition, Otrafy is a software solution in the form of available services, helping businesses manage food traceability systems effectively. Reduce the burden for businesses Founding Otrafy is Nhat Nguyen and Lucas Cunha, they happen to meet at a hackathon software development competition in Vancouver (Canada) and won the first prize. Share the idea of starting a business with Congressman of Industry and Trade, CEO Nhat Nguyen, and co-founder - said: In recent years, demand for access and understanding of food origin and quality The more we increase. The government is tightening food safety requirements, while the market and consumers are increasingly stricter with family meals. However, papers and food quality certification are complicated, being becoming "severe gran" for global supply chains, by handicraft processing process consuming enterprises and houses Production and supply of food a large amount of time, labor and cost

. "Not stopped there, handling a large amount of traditional methods that lead to high risk of errors. These inaccessions are hindering the transparency of information, the ability to traceability and sustainability of the food supply chain "- CEO Nhat Nguyen More information. Chemical the difficulties that businesses, Manufacturers, suppliers are facing, Otrafy has been created, in order to streamline the quality of quality inspection and traceability, to ensure transparency in the entire supply chain
Outstanding features, OtraFy allows the team of general quality inspection, storage and handling all documents, certifications and requirements on a single platform, ensuring consistency and focus of a large amount Data. Helping businesses do not take too much time, manpower for emails, checklists, traditional papers. Buyers and suppliers can also communicate the types of papers directly on the application, manage double-party requests and easily retrieve the implementation process. The competitive advantage of OtraFy is in the application Natural Language Processing (Natural Language Processing) and optical character recognition (Optical Character Recognition), is capable of rearranging large amounts of rudimentary input data. At the same time, Otrafy also applies OCR in reading and analyzing documents, extracting important and inappropriate information. In particular, besides the ability to create flexible forms, NLP automatically fill in the available information to the form, similar to how Google Chrome can predict the user's text, email, phone number. These two features are being developed and can be applied on one day not far away. With the desire to create a friendly platform, take customers the center, the founders of OtraFy towards the core target Is always able to support customers as best as possible. Accordingly, the foundation is not only designed to be friendly, easy to use, but also the most optimal for customers, not letting them take too much time to get used to the application. After 3 years of operation, the assessment of these The achievement after 3 years of operation, CEO Nhat Nguyen said, OtraFy has been well received by many large food manufacturers and suppliers in the world
"Our products have been using piloting in programs Large at Cargill corporations, Kemps and General Mills ... receive positive feedbacks and many opportunities to go further in deploying products, widely connected to the US market, Vietnam. Most recently, Otrafy signed a contract with Continental Diary - a large US milk and dairy product company. In that year, 2020 was a memorable year with OtraFy, when businesses continuously won Many high awards in global startup competitions, including the Third Minnesota Cup (USA) and are classified as the top 100 startups of 2020 in this country; FOODTECH500 2020 - The list of reputation calls the name of global excellent enterprises in the field of food, technology and sustainable development. OTRAFY's revenue in 2020, reaching USD 110,000, 3 years to Ottrafy is expected to reach the revenue expectation of 22,700,000 USD. As one of the first enterprises to experience Otrafy services, Kemps - A business with prodes The main product is fresh milk, frozen yogurt, sour cream ... owned by Diary Famers of America (DFA) - said: Kemps have gained great benefits when using OtraFy, including: saving time; Building easy forms; Download files and forms easily without extra cost; Especially with optimal data access, all data transferred to Otrafy becomes common data so that the company can search and serve its operations; Build a powerful provider information management program with Otrafy. Especially, Mr. Natsha Banton - Quality Assurance Manager at Kemps - said: "Updates and release cycles of Otrafy are great Great. I have never seen a company that debuted the plays

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