Out Of The Soul Of The Drilling Project Deep Into The Volcanic Heart, Opening The ‘tunnel To Hell’ To Do This

The ambitious drilling project deep into the active volcanic heart to build the world's first Magma Observation Center (MA) in the world is supposed to bring us to the center of the earth, but also Causing unsaturated disasters, according to Daily Stars.0: 00/2: 21 Southern Vietnam eruptions starting earlier this year in Iceland became famous "Check-in" for some tourists Favorites strong feeling. Alert him, a group of international researchers is planning to drill a deep "tunnel" of 1.2km deep into the melting stone of Krafla volcano in Northeast Iceland. It is wallet von as "tunnel to hell"

. The researchers do this do not find ancient treasure and hope to build "Magma observation center (melting stone is deep inside the class The first earth's crust) The researchers are expected, this project can help them for the first time to observe hot stones at a temperature of 1,300 degrees Cairs in the ground.ICeland has many volcanoes To the basis of basically this land is considered a giant volcano. The research team believes, through this project, they can find one and even develop an early warning system for cases volcanic eruptions around the world
The project called Krafla Magma Testbed worth 100 million USD is expected to start drilling in 2024. But scientists have recently spoken to warn this daring project for That, drilling deep into the active volcanic heart is at risk of causing a terrible eruption. According to them, a bit of errors in the drilling process can accidentally activate an eruption Horror. The statue at the Krafla volcano when the electric company accidentally drilled into Magma in 2009.Add, John Eichelberger, one of the founders of the project said the risk of a new eruption was something " Everyone will worry about ". Love drill into a shallow magma sea. Although the drill is damaged but no eruption occurred and no one was injured. "We have never observed Magma underground, in addition to accidental encounters when drilling in the volcanoes Hawaii, Kenya and Krafla ", Mr. Paolo Papale, an Italian alleysic volcanist said. Vordis Eiriksdottir, head of geothermal operations at a power company, hoping the project will be able to use the" New technology to be able to drill deeper and can exploit the energy sources that we have to bind "
magma Create a large amount of heat escape the volcanic at 450 degrees C. It has it can produce 5 to 10 times energy compared to a normal geothermal plant.

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