Outdoor Sculpture In Urban Planning

Outdoor sculpting is one of the indispensable elements, contributing to the beauty of a city's space. In modern cities, outdoor sculptures and architecture are always closely combined, designed according to the design master plan. For available space, architectural works in a city such as Ho Chi Minh City, editing, additional sculptures are essential. However, this needs to be conducted carefully, otherwise it will cause discretion and waste. Dieu Tran Hung Dao direction to the Saigon River is considered a beautiful outdoor space sculpture, and stay A nice location

. The topic is still monotonously urban art research, TS Ma Thanh Cao shared, before 1975, in Saigon, there were also some monuments of historical characters built in public places, The roundabout, boulevard, typical such as Tran Hung Dao statue, An Duong Vuong statue on the banks of Saigon River, the Statue of Holy Giong at Nga Sau, the statue of Tran Nguyen Han in front of Ben Thanh market ..
despite being built in good position, yes Suitable space but these monuments are small in size, art quality is not high and less leaving impressive. After the unification date, there are also some monuments located outdoors but too little, mainly related to the revolutionary war historical relics and not commensurate with a big city and plays an important role. As Ho Chi Minh City.Theo Ts Ma Thanh Cao, in fact, Ho Chi Minh City does not have any overall planning for outdoor things, though from 1999 up to now, many meetings have taken place, competing lively. The type of garden, park, street in public space in Ho Chi Minh City is very small, it should be paid to supplement appropriately. Even in the city center, there was only one work "Uncle Ho with the children" of Diep Minh Chau sculptor, now moved to the city of children's culture. This is a very beautiful and impressive park statue with the public. The work has been composed with emotions and transferred copper materials to supplement available space. By 1997, in the city center, there was a "sample" statue of Sculptor Nguyen Quoc Thang was placed in front of the city theater. Quach Thi Trang Portrait has been moved from the roundabout in front of Ben Thanh Market to Bach Tung Park, relatively suitable in small public, airports in greenery and grass flowers
In 2005, TP sculpture camp. The first HCM was held and received 40 packages, existing gathered in a region in Tao Dan Cultural Park. In recent years, Ho Chi Minh City has changed in landscape, environment, especially public areas for city residents and visitors. One of the outstanding achievements of changing the landscape The market is the renovation of Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe Road channel route. From a canal with a black water, self-propelled stilt houses near the water surface has become a large channel with the Paracel Route, Truong Sa and the wide space with green willow, grass . The city has decided to open the tourist route on the Saigon River, Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe canal and train channel to exploit a potential of the smokeless industry. Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, arterial route connecting from east to West city, running along the train canal, widely embellished, many green parks and special areas before the Saigon river cellar, where there is one The other park is wide, has become an exciting place of city residents every afternoon and evening. Fiberation of Nguyen Hue Street Walking City has received the support of city and international city people and tourists. Spacious route with fountain clusters, green trees are connected to Ton Duc Thang street, on the banks of Saigon River, with wide vision and spaces of flower garden, bonsai with flag pole People of the city and tourists concentrate crowded on holidays, Tet, weekends and evening holidays to walk, catch the cool wind from the river to blow up. But in addition to the monument of Ho Chi Minh's newly built the headquarters of the City People's Committee, this place is absolutely absent from the sculptures of the park. Lying the people, the People's Teacher Uyen Huy also said that dozens of years Over, we almost focus on composing, building revolutionary monument types while urban planning is not stable but less interested in other types of statues and monuments. Because of the lack of long-term planning so we don't have the money to accurately for the right study of the monument system. Need to see is the inevitable in the planning in Ho Chi Minh City, due to planning unstable Architecture, transportation network, urban order, hanging planning status ... so the management system has not shown the right attention on urban aesthetics with the impact of the monument system along with these systems Type of other environmental art. The city's monument planning has been conducted long and continuously changes through many units assigned but so far has not been completed. Many reviews, the city has no decisive

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