Outline Ford Focus Sedan Design 2022 Is About To Launch

New C-class sedan Ford has many upgrades compared to truoc.Gan this generation Ford began testing the new Focus sedan completely. Based on the leaked images of the cars tested, Kolesa page has outlined the design of this model so users have intuitive look hon.Mac though Focus sedan cars will not be sold in the US, this will still be formidable opponents with the other models in Europe, typically in the UK, while the Focus has always been on the list of the vehicles sold chay.Theo images from Kolesa, facelift version 2022 is equipped headlights are different from the headlights of other Focus models, such as the hatchback and wagon

. Part daytime LED lighting is also designed lai.Voi adding sedan segment between wagon and hatchback version two, the overall design of the Ford Focus is likely to have significant changes. Specifically, part of the front bumper is made more angular grille and characteristic
At the rear, Ford Focus LED taillight 2022 Full Focus exterior moi.Khong just been upgraded, the interior also promises improved some more, typically the information screen resolution great location of perindopril so, motor vehicle not much has changed, customers can choose from many different versions as the 1.0L engine and 1.5L gasoline, 1.5L diesel and 2.0L 2.3L EcoBoost and the like Focus on ST.Ford Ford Focus was first introduced in the Vietnam market in 2009 with the sale price when it's from 471 million to compete with rivals like the Mazda3, Hyundai Elantra Kia Cerato or. However, the US carmaker has decided to death this model in Vietnam market in 2019.Anh XuanNguon: Carscoops

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