Over The Messi, Ronaldo Goes Into The World Gold Ball History

Cristiano Ronaldo has less than 2 golden balls compared to Lionel Messi, but about the score, the 36-year-old Portuguese superstar surpasses the 34-year-old Argentina superstar. Lose Lionel Messi 2 Yellow balls but Cristiano Ronaldo can Proud to be the most score player in the world gold ball history - Ballon d'Or. The 34-year-old Argentina Lionel Messi has won the seventh golden ball in his career when crossing Robert Lewandowski in the gang In the awarded Gala, France Football magazine is dawn on 30-11.Ronaldo more points than Messi in the world gold ball history. Photo: Daily Starmessi is the player who won many golden balls in the world history, more than the second person is Cristiano Ronaldo twice

. Messi "successfully defended the title of golden balls" he won 2019, when 2020, France Football decided not to award for Translation Covid-19. Horness has confirmed Messi to win many balls The goldest but the score statistics show another aspect. Accordingly, the winner of the Golden Ball 5 times, Ronaldo was the player who won the most points of golden balls
Ronaldo, the closest to win the golden ball in 2017 has accumulated 3,781 points in times Golden ball nomination nominations. The 36-year-old Portuguese superstar is the second person is the 34-year-old Argentine superstar to 207 points. Accordingly, Messi only won a total of 3,574 points.Messi won the 2021 golden ball with 613 points, and Ronaldo only ranked 6th with 178 points. Photo: Sun SportsArthough scoring 36 goals for Juventus last season and more than 10 times the enemy net in Manchester United shirt this season, but Ronaldo only ranked 6th in the drawlie with 30 people in Ballon d'or 2021. As for the first time after 11 years, Ronaldo stood outside the top 3 when he only earned 178 points from the vote of 170 famous journalists in the world, while Messi won the golden ball with 613 points. The World Golden Ball Awarding Ceremony 2021, Editor-in-editor of France Football Pascal Ferre said Ronaldo told him that he wanted to end his career with more golden balls than Messi. Later, Ronaldo responded with Pascal Ferre statement lied to pr to himself and promoted the golden balls.Ronaldo had 5 golden balls in his career. Photo: Afpronaldo responded on steel on Instagram: "Pascal Ferre lied
He uses my name to pr herself and promotes France Football magazine, where he works. Unable to accept the person who is the highest responsibility for such a prestigious golden ball can lie this way. It shows the lack of respect for people who always respect France Football and Ballon d'OR. And today, he lied, he justified my absence during the gala night for reasons ".Ronaldo did not create this scandal but he creates another controversy after the awards ceremony Golden ball 2021 ends. A fan commented that Messi did not deserve to win the Golden Ball, and Ronaldo had to make a strike efforts to get the golden ball in previous years. This comment immediately was an account with Ronaldo "like" green traces and comments from "truth" .Messi called for France Football to give a 2020 gold ball for Lewandowski. Photo: AFPTrong then, in the speech at Gala Golden ball award 2021, Messi called for France Football awarded the golden ball 2020 for Robert Lewandowski after the incredible season of Polish striker in Bayern Munich shirt . Total Editorial Pascal Ferre then responded to Messi's desire when declaring France Football magazine considering awarding Ballon d'or 2020 to Lewandowski. In 2020, France Football canceled the golden ball award ceremony because of the Covid-19.Lewandowski with the 2019-2020 season or in Bayern Munich shirt. Photo: GettyMessi shared: "I want to mention Robert Lewandowski. It was honored to compete with the golden ball with him. Everyone knows and we agree that Lewandowski is the golden ball winner last year. I think France Football should give Ballon d'or 2020 to Lewandowski because he deserves it and he should have a golden ball to go home. "

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