Over The Post-divorce Crisis, The Specialist Found A Lover ‘far Beyond All Standards’

Ever experienced a non-happy marriage, Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh gradually changed himself to stand up after stumbling and finding his own happiness. When he had stepped on the flower car, no one wants the marriage I will break the middle of the road. However, when that happened, many women still stood up. They live more happy, live better and find the happiness he deserves to have

.The story with Emdep.vn, Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, staying in Hanoi has soaked about the past marriage me
She said, her older husband comes together through tomorrow. Both of them learned for 3 months in a hurry to marriage. So she thought that both were not loved and understood. After getting married, the affectionate couple is not as happy as she expected, more conflicts with her husband's family that makes the woman feel frustrated. It has tried much but also helpless, Ms. Van Anh decided It was about to end the marriage without bringing things she expected. After divorce, the young woman could not avoid the feelings of their hearts, the body. "I'm divorced without children, so I feel very different. For people there will be a child who will treat me as a hope, a fulcrum. And I only have alone," Ms
Van Anh spread his heart. In the post-divorce stage, young woman or feel depressed, negative and crisis takes some time. Ms. Van Anh found himself white. After that, the young woman finds ways to revive the spirit. She loved himself more. With Sister Van Anh, love himself not only shown outside, in beauty, taking care of themselves but also shown inside the soul. She was less bored, relieved negatively. When she was sad, she often recorded her confidences to relieve his heart. Then, I observed my life more to find the reason why I was sad and negative. Since then, Ms. Van Anh finds its own solution to live happily, lives more positively. "When life was difficult, troubled, most people often blame others they don't know that they don't know There are also dark intervals like hot or angry, or frustrated, desperate, desperate to the buttocks, vaguely. I created too much cover of the strong, of absurent without bravely live with the weakness His drowning ", Ms. Van Anh shared. If you are crushed as well as a water cup, there is enough good, bad. What I need most is to promote good things, strengths, decanting to remove bad and negative things. Young woman confided, after walking through the first marriage, she once dated, learned some people. But that affection doesn't go anywhere. She knew it was because she was not ready to love and in her heart and her butt, tangled. The grace took Ms. Van Anh to Mr. Pham Quoc An - His lover now is truly flag. On social networks, Britain grants friends with Ms. Van Anh but she did not agree. "Then accidentally there was a common friend for me to watch your video, I was familiar. After talking time, I found myself and I would understand each other, I didn't seem to know what I think and want. 1 month later he flew out to Hanoi (he was a southern man). We met and for the first time I felt that this person was so familiar, had a long time ago, not only this life ", the specialist Real estate counseling about his love story. In the eyes of Ms. Van Anh, Mr. Pham Quoc An is a lover far beyond all the standards she ever asked about an ideal boyfriend. "I don't play a lottery, don't know lying, not alcohol, not angry, is a person who is worth bringing your body," she said. The thing she felt the most in the United Kingdom was always holding Be calm and always patient with her. Say in happiness, sometimes she still has doubts and buttocks don't know why the good person comes to me, with me. Maybe Ms. Van Anh did not know that she was also a beautiful, good and strong woman. It was also good because she possessed many good qualities so she had sentiment from a good man. She said: "There are times when I'm angry, I'm still patient with me. He calmly explained, confided to himself so he took off his heart." Not only is the delicate person, understanding about the person I love , in the eyes of Ms. Van Anh, Mr. Quoc An always spoiled, supporting her. "I want to buy what you supports. Just to make sure you don't have a good denture, it is a fragrant house. I want to buy pajamas, you sitting together to help me, I don't feel uncomfortable when I choose Select, quietly transfer money to myself to buy a skirt. When I go to sleep, I always hug myself, do my heads. During the time to socialize socially, I and you stay at home, I also massage my face care for my face. Where to go, you won't want to let me follow, don't let me stay at home alone if I'm free, "Ms. Van Anh shared. Finally, after many difficulties, challenges, Ms. Van Anh has found happiness for yourself. She was more happy when his feelings were supported by the two families. Double lovers are looking forward to temporarily subsidiaries to be able to organize a party

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