Overcome The ‘white Death’ To Rework Life

Mr. Duong Van Bao (born in 1965), Ban Xóm Market, Nhu Mu Commune, Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien Province The drug addicts were for nearly 10 years. Along with successful detoxification, Mr. Bao also made a constant efforent to overcome the mistakes to rise to economic development, reintegrate the Community Inquiry.0: 00/3: 18 Nam in the first day of July Under the harsh sunshine of the summer I went to visit Mr

. Duong Van Bao, the man was praised by the relatives of the market because they passed the temptation of "white death" to enrich It is yourself and homeland. Between a wide broadcast farm with green and vegetable beds with many pigeons and chicken stables, he said his heart: "All the achievements I gain today in addition to my own efforts I have to thank the family and the local government very much ". Dong Duong Bao is taking care of the vegetable garden
(Photo: Thuy Trang) he said, in 1988, his family situation was not quite fake, struggling to earn Living every meal, but he did not know how to do it. In the traffic, he was enticed by his friends, entering his friends, he started using drugs, although he didn't know what the harm was, only knew when use g Fun, you like it, then encroach on the drug path since any time is not good. On the road there is "white death" then his life slipped long, life turns in a distressed direction, Inferiority, sometimes the same time. After the days of the days of friends who were addicted, he let go of all the day he was deeply sinking, ignoring everyone's advice, all the family's money made him grilled into medicine cloves. No longer work, just seeking to have money to satisfy the addiction, even to have money he also stole his parents, wife's money. "At that time I didn't think much, in my mind Head only drugs. New addiction is going to work as a way to get comfortable money, gradually uncomfortable to work, just want to go out with friends, using drugs, how much money does it cost. I neglect your family, children, and wealth in the house, keep the hats to satisfy the addiction. Only when I entered the same situation, the family was no longer a rice grain, the furniture in the house Value, sick wife, hungry, borrowing neighbors Nobody wants to give a borrowing addict; He seemed to have awakened consciousness. Only because he was a miserable wife, so I was determined to detox with any price
To get a positively said today, all thanks to the commune authorities, brothers and friends, especially their wife and children are always besides difficult times. With me nothing is late, just myself trying or not. Now I maintain Methadone drinking at the commune health station, staying away from bad friends, do not want to make a mistake of the old days ". In return for life, many years his family was no longer in the list of poor households in the commune. Currently, he planted 1500m2 vegetables, raising 300 pigeons, 200 hen laying eggs. Thanks to diligence, hard work, each year from vegetables, eggs, pigeons bring him income over VND 100,000,000. For two consecutive years 2019, 2020, he was awarded the Certificate of Certificate of Certificate of Certificate of Merit in the production and development of household economy. After the faulty years, Mr. Duong Van Bao Very actively participated in the movement of the commune, participating in gratitude activities, actively participating in local drug prevention and combat sessions. With the energy to overcome the guise, rising to become a good citizen, now he is loved by a neighborhood, respectfully, becoming a bright example for people who mish the learning error. Page - Le Tham

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