Overview 8 Months, My Wife Spent Unexpectedly Because Still Slim Gon, Small Biceps, Turned Out To Be Thanks To This Secret

Recently, the actor wife Chi Bao 'causes fever' with the video leading the way to slimen the biceps with only 5 simple movements. In early July, Ly Thuy Chang confirmed the first child. Relatives, friends and especially her fans and grandparents are excited to send congratulations to the eighth month of pregnancy, CEO Chang has no signs of fatigue, degradation of shape, beauty but reverse The more radiant, Than Thai.00: 00/05: 13Co exudes the dynamic, full of vitality with severe exterminations commonly seen in the last stage mothers. This is the most obvious on the fish page Businesswoman's multiplying when she often livestream, uploads the skin beauty guide clips, keeping pregnancy posts from pregnancy and 15 years of operation in beauty arrays

. With exercises, diets, emotional balancing tips that CEO chang shares. Nearly, sphere wife says "fever" with video led details How to slimen the biceps with only 5 single moves Simple. This clip receives a lot of love and sharing from the sisters
In the video, despite being in the eighth month of pregnancy, Ly Thuy Chang still dedicated to practice. The practice she performed with many acquaintances belonging to the effect like: hand touching the leg, lifting hip weight, lifting shoulder weightlifting, lift the back of the back, lifting people with the chair. I note my sister should start carefully, heat up before practice. This makes the exercise to achieve the best effect, avoid injury during the training process. Beautiful gourd said, thanks to maintaining regular exercise, even though it is pregnant and up to 15kg, she still doesn't get "bombarded Figure "Good feeling tired.QUA images posted on the Social Society network, can easily see Ly Ly Thuy Chang still owns a balanced, neat, small limbs, without swelling Multi-masonry. Not only known as the commune of actor Chi Bao, Ly Thuy Chang was also admired by many beautiful beauty, hot shapes. In particular, she was praised as a "full-time" CEO when at the same time operating a famous beauty salon chain in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the Korean Cosmetic Company. Besides the tips to keep the shape before She also shared her sisters that coordinate things so that the pregnant women looked young, fresh and how to take care of the skin to vine the envelope that the skin was still bright, stretched, without being pitted in Ly Thuy Chang entered The last months of pregnancy, but she still worked over eight hours a day and always spread to the positive energy source to everyone around, thereby destroying the prejudice about the "tired pregnant women". is the reason she gets a lot of precious sisters, followed by the image of the modern woman, the success that the women wants
Ly Thuy Chang also said, she undergoes a healthy, happy pregnancy Looks thanks to attentive care from Mr. Chi Bao commune. Since the same house, the actor was always close to his wife in his work as well as daily life. Both have both a business trip in Phu Quoc to resuse before welcoming their first children at the end of the year.

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