Owning These 4 Guides, Don’t Rush To Get Married Soon, Who Is “more Sad ‘

If you have 4 of these generals, you should not marry soon but soon marriage to marriage is happy, long-lasting. Marriage is bad, ignoring a good opportunity to advance. However, not anyone who married early was not good, but later married it was unlikely. However, if there are later generals, you should marry late to a happy marriage life, fullness of high nose with a high forehead, straight nose should marry late. Photo of the General Prime Minister, who has a high forehead, a straight nose is often a smart, responsible person and attaches great career

. When you are young, you put all my strength and spirit on the job so I don't know what to love. Enough time and mind to care, care for the family, thereby difficult to avoid conflicts between the couple. When walking over the age of 30, at that time the career was somewhat stable, the economy was more stable, then you were taking into account the marriage
Bad is when this area has scars, moles or have many messy eyebrows and skewers. If the road is bad, the person who owns it can face many difficulties and strenuousness in life and career. ABOUT THE REAL ROAD, people with a bad seal are often cheated in affection, hard to find happiness . Even when getting married, they are also acquiring conflict with a mate, and is difficult to safely, even crashing. However, if married late, when they were really mature, mature in both thoughts and actions, the marriage would be sweet, happier. Big mouth, the high cheek mam Minh Thatheo watching the face of the face, people Owning this general is often quite strong, assertive, likes to command others to follow themselves, but they are not cleverly in communication, do not know harmony of relationships so it is difficult to hear people. When you are young, because of this personality, they are easily made wrong. If they get married soon, they will be hard to reconcile with their mates. They don't know how to use it and always want the other half to do what they mean that the couple relationship becomes stressful, difficult to have long-lasting happiness. On the contrary, if married late (about 30 years old), their personality will be abrasive to less, knowing how to retain family air conditions, so marriage will be more durable
Order legalization soon appears Van symmetrical line from the two sides of the nose stretches to the corners of the corners, usually appears after 40 years old. However, if the Ordinance will appear when you are young, most of these people often require strict about their partner, quite narrowly. With such a personality, if married early, the husband and wife are hard to avoid Conflict, even the way everyone goes. But if married late, they will gradually open our hearts, know more and share more so the couple is easy to warm, harmonious, kissing multiplication. (*) Information in the lesson is for reference only!

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