P2 Transful Temperature P2 Episode 38: Tan Cursement He Died, Nam (phuong Oanh) Was Still Available

Accidentally clashing each other at the restaurant, he was born (Vo Hoai Nam NSs) then had a conversation again with tons. He said he was born only to death, Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) was peacefully. 'Flavor "Part 2 Episode 38 Broadcast 21h Dark 20/9 on VTV1.0: 00/1: 38 NAMLONG SUPPLY SUPPLY WITH NAM will find a job for Mr.Trong the birthday party of his birthday (Vo Hoai NS Male), there are people of tons of tons to break the crowds, repeating the story he used to go to jail

. After that, he was born facing the tons of tons, asking what he wanted. "I think if you want your daughter to be peaceful, you should die," he said, said only when he died, the south was peacefully in the restaurant where the birthday party for Mr. Sinh, Diep (Bich Ngoc) runs down the house in the call of Dung (Sy Hung)
At that time Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) also ran down. Zhuddy was confused, saying she was cool. "Well, I'm so cool," Male said cool and went a round. Ms. Cup at the beginning of Diep, saying the girl chattering, because Nam knows Diep has not yet definitely affectionate to Dung. Who ran again. "Just like that older you first escape you, I go back to I still spread my hand to receive me," Long warped her face. Nam turned to remind her husband, said only Long clinging to men like leeches. Long said the black heart that if men didn't like it, he could not pursue. Nam-Long husband always ribs, enthusiastically said it was intended to earn him a job
Men are happy, saying it will consult him. Male got him the adoptive father, in her heart there was still the belief that he was born. In fact, Long knew that he was born as a blanet of men, himself helping him to give birth to the results of considering DNA.

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