Pacquiao Boxing League Will Run For The Philippines President

The Filipino Boxing Legend, Senator Manny Pacquiao accepted the nomination of the PDP - Laban Party ruling to join the Filipino President's candidate in 2022.0p2: 00/0: 53 This Thailands happened only a few days After the opposition party nominated Mr. Christopher "Bong" Go, Mr. Duterte's perennial assistant made the presidential candidate and Mr. Duterte as Vice President

. Pacquiao Probational Voice will run for the Philippines President. Photo: Guardian Speaking at the Congress, Mr. Pacquiao stressed his martial arts spirit and was always ready to fight
Pacquiao was elected PDP-Laban leader, a few weeks after criticizing Mr. Duterte about his views on China and the anti-corruption program. Mr. Pacquiao initially asked to withdraw but was rejected. Pacquiao used to be a close ally and supported Mr. Duterte's anti-drug war. However, Mr. Pacquiao accused the President Duterte government to corrupt and tended to "Chinese body" dug deepen the conflict between the two ./. Viet Dung / VOV1 (translation) according to NHK

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