Pagoda Rice

Every time he returns to the old house, passing through the old village temple under the green trees it is always choked, the ancient memory domain is about ... 0: 00/4: 14 male seven, months of people Far away from home to the hometown, the month of the season Vu Lan Vu Lan Chamua. Human souls suddenly remember the memories of the autumn of Hieu

. It's ahead of the village temple, the last time, but The village pagoda is still: Leafness, Nghiem: Mr. Hien since that year has returned to the Buddha realm, the scene is still here that people have gone far! .
. The South Vietnam is completely liberated, his father said: - Out of war Painted bullet, return to my hometown! Come home! Not once how did it imagine your father's hometown? So its whole family led each other to his hometown! The country of 78-80 years, poverty, difficulties, the Father's hometown too. The goods welcomed their house with the whole heart, the elderly nation said: - Previously, just in the church, then planted Crop on the land of grandparents and earns the food, and the rice land must notify the committee to give themselves into cooperatives.cha agrees, he is born and raised on this land, the fact that he is not with him What's hard, only thinking her mother hasn't once picked up, plowing and follow her father to the garden to get a bar for the whole family. Because it is a child so they catch a reat of the village life quite quickly. It and my child knew according to the children in the village to get firewood in the mountains, knew how to pick up the vegetables on cooking soup, knowing according to the foot of the bare side of the beans, gluting potatoes on the pieces of garden after the harvest Inert steaded. For eastern children, there is no field, his house is always inadequate, cassava except for meals, vegetables run out of boil and stir-fried, white meals for it is a luxury dish ... in July, the temple in the village Russian Vu Lan bell, the fifth season approaching, guests of the cross, the people in the village come to the temple very much
Pagoda, that day is not big but warm enough, sincerely let the relatives send it but faithfulness. In the temple, only one old man, a young monk and a little older uncle, year-round They cultivate, plow hoes on the ground after the temple. They live frugally, hardworking, in the afternoon of the Buddhist Buddhism in the bell, the sound of the time, the time, he invited his brothers: - Hey, flying away to eat the temple? It doesn't understand what the pagoda rice is: - No money! - Don't lose money, go away, tomorrow go soon! It's just funny, just curiously, tell me: - I will lead you to eat Pagoda rice listen to her mother, my house runs out of rice! His mother at her head was surprised but after hearing it said, she agreed: - Yes, I led you to the temple to eat rice, my mother brings rice! That day, pig sewing blows, yellow leaves filled the village of wild flowers. The children of the neighbors others call each other to the temple. The village temple has an ancient campus and is very beautiful. Green trees wrapped around the roof of the yin and yang tiles, moss-reaching the timeline, stepping into the temple of the mundane feeling, where to go outside! Today the temple is very crowded, the Buddhists are close to the temple, the scene, Bridge An for relatives. The temple cooked vegetarian rice to the Buddhists remotely, who wants to eat. The children they ran everywhere, playing this game to the other game, the peaceful pagoda disappeared because of their screams but he was gentle, just looking at them laughing. Playing forever pagoda has not been moved out, its whole stomach is rushed, the younger brothers, crying, crying for rice, and finally the rice is also cleared: vegetarian soup, fried dishes of sweet fruits . It led me to sit and sit on the dining table. Suddenly a female Buddhist, stopped it: - Children eat later! It takes me to led me to the tree to sit and wait for adults to eat, they're just eating and talking, talking to the hungry children The eyes are swallowing water looking inside. The children follow their parents to sit and eat with adults, watching his brothers and laughs. He looked at his youngest lucky and he wanted to cry. Finally, children are also eaten, people give a white rice plate, about 2 patches of rice, chan soy sauce, no food but with his brother It's the best pagoda! ... Animal changes, the house doesn't stick in the countryside anymore! Every time he returns to the roof of the old year, passing through the old village temple under the green trees it is always choking, the old memories Going to ... Father no longer exist, he was anarmese, the garden after the church, the church, deserted, the wild tree grows his head but in front of his eyes still showing the shadow, his father's side of the beds Vegetables, beans, beds ... Each of each karma is a place, but the pagoda meal is still the best meal that it can't forget, like a deep domain in the heart but the time cannot touch!

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