Painter Dang Thai Tuan Overcomes 250 Authors Who Won The First Prize In The Contest ‘hanoi …’

After a month of launch, the illustration contest was named 'Hanoi was' there were more than 250 artists submitting the entries. In particular, the first prize of the work of 'Hanoi rong' of Dang Thai Tuan.0: 00/1: 44 Southern regions in Dang Thai Tuan are "Hanoi" magnificent to rustic, are experiences about A casual life through each street, house, restaurant, historic monument. The author chose a viewing angle, drawing from the bottom. "Hanoi Rong" products of Dang Thai Tuan

. Photo: BTC.The Painter Giang Nguyen - Member of the Jury: "I like the image of the stylized author in Hanoi, which is broken with a long-border bridge. Painting details and there are many small stories that are intertwined in a very interesting view
" According to, X.Lan - Jury members: "Your work is impressive to bring a lot of typical Hanoi details. The typical clusters are cleverly arranged, overlapping but not tangled, enjoying the details when watching pictures are very interesting. Although the overall is broken, the strokes and shape are simple enough to create a friendly and lovely air ". Besides the first prize, the competition has 4 second prizes for" Hanoi by Night "by Tran Phat (win The prize was voted), "Mind of Clouds" of Ha Manh Hieu, "bun ngan ngan" of Ton Nu Thi Bich Tram and "Hanoi Collage" by Nguyen Huu Huyen Tran. The exam is combined by UNESCO with un -Habitat (United Nations Human Settlement Program) and local artist community in Vietnam (VLAG - Vietnam Local Artist Group). "Hanoi is ..." calling for young artists together to create illustrations about Hanoi, aiming to aim to promote the title "Hanoi - Creative City" of UNESCO
The products are reviewed Is to bring many unexpectedly, new ideas and integrate your own emotions, impressions and stories. The capital of artists "Hanoi is" bringing many ways to interpret and unique about Hanoi on silk, collage, oil painting, lacquer ... Some special works in the competition: cooperation Item 'Hanoi by Night' 'by Tran Phat. Photo: BTC.Thiáp '' The mind on the clouds '' of the strong author. Photo: BTC.The products' ngan ngan ngan vermicelli "of Ton Nu Thi Bich Tram author. Photo: BTC.The 'What is Hanoi's products?' 'By Le Tien Dung. Photo: BTC.The products "go to Hanoi '' of the author of Tra Nhu. Photo: BTC.The products '' Hanoi is the Journey '' by the author Ngo Thi Linh Chi. Photo: BTC.Tháp 'upgraded' 'of the author Hoang Van Tai. Photo: BTC.The products' 'Sun' of Vuong Hong author. Photo: BTC.Minh An

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