Painting Roasting Salt Do Not Give It Right Into The Pan, Add 1 Step And 1 Raw Material, So Long Is Crispy

Remember this tip ensures that the peanut roasted salt can leave the whole week to remain crispy, fragrant, attractive.02: 00/2: 28 nuoc Lac very rich in nutritional value, it contains choline and lecithin are rare substances In the grain in general, can promote the body's metabolism, enhance memory, improve wisdom, anti-aging and prolong life. Lac is a raw material for many dishes, in which peanuts roasted salt are the most familiar. Salt roasting is a simple, inexpensive dish but be pleased with many people because of a rich, crispy crispy, Bui Bui, added Meals are very delicious. Besides, salt roasting is also a sip when combining meals with salt pickles

. Not only that, eating roasted with salt with salt ensures extremely drift rice. Salt roasting is also available but many people still like to make homemade dishes, this rite at home. Even so, many people always wonder why they got lost their salt or fainted, not for a long time
Therefore, please refer to the chef's way of view below, see: Prepare: - Pass-cooked oil - Pure salt / powder - A little white wine made: Lac Choing the seeds, no sprouting, The beads are badly thrown. Then get lost in a bowl of clean water soak for 5 minutes. Note, only immersed in 5 minutes with the aim of so that the silk shell of peanuts penetrate into a small amount of water to be roasted in the next step, this shell is not easily peeled off. After the soaking shutdowns must dry or use the absorbent a peanut tissue. For oil into the pot, just give more than normal oil a little, should not give too much. Pouring is dry, turning the kitchen to stay in a small and small fire, let go of roasting. To get nine well, avoid being burnt, having to be lost in constantly.Rang until she heard the sound of splashing, turning the smallest fire and roasted slowly, when the color was darker, the silk shell slightly separated okay! Notice should not be lost to dark colors too easily burnt. This is a bit of white wine in, using the remaining temperature in the pan to continue to be a while. This can stimulate the fragrance of peanuts and keep it crunchy, so that for a long time, there is no longitude
accomplished. Note, do not put salt at the time of being hot, it will make salt dissipated, the faster the peanut. When you roam you remember, don't give it to the pan but soak about 5 minutes with water so that the shell does not bubble when roasted, then absorbs the peanut. When Lac roasted was ripe, remember a bit of alcohol to get lost and crispy for a long time.

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