Panic 4,000 Years Of Coffin Appears Between Ponds In The Golf Course

The coffin was discovered in Tetney Golf Club in Lincolshire (England) is a truly archaeological treasure.02: 00/1: 30 namtheo daily mail, scientists have to race with the time Time to protect the coffin, prevent it from continuing to crumble after exposure to the air and sunlight. Only 65 treasuries have been recorded in England, in which this one is one of the most special ones. A archaeologist is working with special coffins - Photo: SheffieldTheo University of Archaeologists Learning Hugh Willmott from the University of Sheffield, the head of research, the remains was preserved to wet conditions around the coffin and the absolute closure of the coffin. The coffin is a hollow ainched trunk, packed with a navigation and buried under a gravel on the bottom of the pond

. The coffin is up to 3 meters long and 1 meter wide. In the coffin, there is a metal ax. The appearance of the ax as well as the elaboration of burial shows that people in the grave have a very high position
Only 12 equal aes are found throughout the UK so archaeologists believe it represents an ultimate form of power. The coffin pieces will become a large trunk - a photo: college Sheffiel this attentive burial has helped the remains protected in good condition, which can be easily aware of a man. It is estimated that he lives at 4,000 years ago, belonging to the bronze age. The remains under the pond is in addition to the plans of burial, but helps the man in the grave better protected. Thousands of years ago was a dry area but rising sea levels and coastal floods covered the part in a deep alluvial class.

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