Panic Hospital In Thuan Kieu Plaza Before Welcomes F0

Panic hospital No. 5 in Thuan Kieu Plaza is basically finished. Preparation continues to be implemented, expected to be completed and ready to take patients with a patient.00: 00/0: 48 NUA SOUTH INVESTMENT OF THE GARDEN MALL MALL (Thuan Kieu Plaza) said the unit handed over Panic hospital Treatment of Covid-19 Number 5 for Ho Chi Minh City health sector after 10 days of construction. This is a place to receive treatment for patients with Covid-19 of the city in the coming time

. 21/7, military forces under the District 5 military commander to spray the entire disinfection chemicals inside and Corridor area of the Panic Hospital No. 5. The Panic Hospital has been installed 491 beds in the first floor and tonight, the installation of the bed continues to be done on the 2nd and Floor
Battle 5 consisting of 3 floors, total area of more than 30,000 m2, scale nearly 1,000 beds. The first medical supplies were gathered into the emergency room for Covid-19 patients. "The relevant forces will continue to transport breathing machines and many other medical devices to be ready for patient treatment," a medical employee working at the 5-year-old hospital said. Nguyen Duc Minh, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Hospital Hospital, Director of Paddown Hospital No. 5, said Human Resources Manpower includes 20 doctors, 40 nurses and 10 logistics. They come from Hospital of Face Teeth, Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University, Bac Giang Province General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Command ... in the photo is a professional exchange of medicine forces, doctors do Working at the Panic Hospital No. 5 on the afternoon of 21 / 7
Some devices that support Covid-19 patients have been transferred to the hospital. It is expected that this work is completed in the afternoon of July 21, the floor welcomes and treats the patient. The electricity system of the hospital is installed in the previously finished days. The alarm is installed in the bed area, Help the patient, medicine doctor plays urgently if the disease situation suddenly suddenly. Tens of medical waste collection barrels are transferred to the hospital today (July 21). According to regulations, medical waste at the hospital will be transferred during the day to establishments for centralized hazardous medical waste treatment, or hazardous waste treatment facilities with functions. About 30 cameras are installed In most areas inside the Panic Hospital No. 5. The hospital will appoint the 24-hour camera staff when this establishment officially works. Camera system is active in testing. From April 27 to date, Ho Chi Minh City has a total of 39,526 cases of Covid-19 announced by the Ministry of Health. Currently, the city has 35 medical facilities receiving and treating Covid-19 patients shared according to the model of "4-storey tower" .TP.HCM has undergone the 13th day to make social ways only Marketing 16 of the Prime Minister. The Centers of Disease Control (HCDC) said this is a key time for the city to implement fierce measures to control the disease. The goal is to separate F0 basic out of the community, zoning, blocking the spread chain, reducing the number of cases to control the disease situation in the city. Speech

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