Panoramic Drama ‘bag Club’: Hoang Thuy Was Prosecuted By Le Thanh Thao, Sister

Recently, Netizen suddenly fluttered at the backstage story of a fashion show that took place 5 years ago. Accordingly, a runner-up with overbearing attitude, 'vu oan' colleagues stole the brand bags and has not apologized after being explained by EKIP only to be misunderstood.0: 00/4: 20 male people Pattern Le Thanh Thao received as "victims" in noisy "my pocket's bag" when the net people fluttered about the backstage story of a fashion show, the Livestream section of Thuy Duong model (TYHD) at the end May 5/2021 unexpectedly "dug". In particular, the Vietnam's Next Top Model 2017 revealed each with a backward runner while changing her to stick to the wall: "There is a runner-up of the Chanel bag, then I'm changing clothes in one The aisle is very narrow. I'm just wearing the pants, then you shouted: "Chanel bag, my chanel bag, the chanel bag" "

. TyHD shares himself with a backward runner-up Fashion show. When the old Drama screen suddenly was kicked again, in the night of July 5, the model Le Thanh Thao voiced the confirmation of her "victims" in the story of the elders of the old year. Notewly, The former contestant Vietnam's Next Top Model also called the name of Hoang Thuy's runner-up who was "vu oan" she stole the brand's bag
"At that time I was focusing on observing to prepare for the show so I didn't notice the story around it Naturally Thuy said heavy sentences with me, that I took my pocket. I was shocked that I didn't know what happened to happened and said it was stolen, so I just caught crying. " , Le Thanh Drop O sharing on the personal page. The model Le Thanh Thao spoke a recognition "victims" was involved in the story of a runner-up without seeing the brand bag. The contestant Vietnam's Next Top Model also said, the incident The misunderstanding was resolved by the Ekip side, whereby the bag of Hoang Thuy was hanging behind the backstage at the position of her sitting. Over the past years, she doesn't mention it because he doesn't worth it. In the sharing on the evening of 5/7, Le Thanh Thao also revealed that Hoang Thuy had not sent an apology to me. What in the showbiz says about the drama "My pocket"? When the story " My climbing "suddenly gets a social network again, the model Le Thuy also has a shared line that makes Netizen interested. It is known that she was the one who stood out to protect Le Thanh Thao when his colleague was vu was in 5 years ago. Without a specific case of anything or telling anyone, Le Thuy looked forward to noise to close because everyone ever made a mistake: "Everyone has made a mistake, please look back again to change We are really mature and so you can lose anything when each of us only lives once, lives a worthy and helpful life "
Between scandal related to Runner Hoang Thuy.ben, photographer Milor Tran - who used to work with Hoang Thuy was frank and fiercely sharing views when the drama "hot" returned on the network. Specifically, when Netizen asked questions about the scandal of Hoang Thuy recently, Milor Tran was frankly said: "Having liver doing, there is a liver." Or before the question "Do you believe about the recent drams, who in the world says Ms. Thuy?", Photographer replied, "No star fire is smoke". Milor photos are straightforward expressing the view before the story loudly the network. It was more attention, Milor Tran was also fierce with the post on the personal page attracting many netizens interested. Although not mentioning anyone but Netizen speculates the photography The image is talking about the scandal of Hoang Thuy: "Understanding an apology is so hard to say so? wrong, I will get dead? Hundreds of people, the whole model, both the people you call Don't witness, what do you want to sue? Don't you think they don't dare to speak straight for me? They are the one who is giving me a way to live and work! ... ". Milor Tran Having worked together with Runner Hoang Thuy.Preiser, supermodel Xuan Lan and Nam Trung makeup expert also hewedly to mention the story of the "Club" bag in the backstage of a shows with a fierce attitude. Although Two people do not speak anyone but in the middle of the "burning boiling oil" like this, Netizen is called the Runner Hoang Thuy.A Hau Hoang Thuy silently before Scandal, the sister of the wind shadow sue someone The main character in the story of the overbearing attitude, doing it wrongly, Runner-up Hoang Thuy remains silent and does not mention the incident on social networks. Answering the media, the representative of the 9X long leg also said Hoang Thuy didn't care and didn't give any comments about noisy is spreading. The lobes are silent in front of noise related to themselves. However, the recent move of Hoang Linh - Runner-up girl Hoang Thuy made a scandal as "warmed up". Specifically, Hoang Linh has an Italian hidden post on the personal page: "Sisters raise me to school. Now use me a bit happy. It is true that I have 4 years to use 1 hour, I mistook my school for 7 years." Not only

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