Pantsir And Buk-m2 Blocked 7 Israeli Smart Missiles

The Russian Mediation Center in Syria said, in Israel's air strikes in Aleppo on July 19, Syrian air defense intercepted 7/8 smart missiles.0: 00/2: 20 men's domain Vadim Kulit , Deputy director of the mediation center, the ambush of 4 F-16i fighters in Israeli Air Force aimed at a number of targets in the southeast of Aleppo city took place at 23h. The image is said to be a missile Israel hit Aleppo. Total has 8 smart missiles DeLilah is given to the battle group but only one result of which zoomed to the ground, while the remaining 7 fruits were protected by Non-Pantsir and Buk -M2 intercepted each other. "Only a rocket passed through the Syrian defense system and made a big defense

. Even so there was no damage from the pharmaceutical ground forces noted by the missile area As an empty land ", the Russian Mediation Center said.Theo Defense World, Delilah has been intervened by Syrian air defense as an intelligent missile line. If this information is confirmed by the Israeli side, this is the 2nd time since 2019, the Delilah cruise missile is shot down when sneaking on Syria
Leaded data from IMI manufacturer of Israel, media in China East said, Delilah is designed very smartly with GPS orientation system, along with automatic drivers for navigation, then can switch to infrared images or CCD images in the final stage.delilah Perform these features through data links that allow people to control target attack missiles. This means that the controller of the weapon system at a plane is 150 miles away from being able to navigate flexible missiles, making Delilah attack the exact goal. With this feature, Delilah rocket can Change the attack target even when launched by the control who can let this missile fly through the ventilation pipe or into the building's window instead of attacking from the front or a predetermined direction . The world's leading multi-tasking missiles, so beyond the ability to attack fixed targets, Delilah can exactly attack the target moving. And this is the reason why the Israeli Air Force frequently choose this weapon to not click on the target in Syria. It is known that Aleppo was heavily devastated during the civil war years in Syria, when the Syrian army had to Fight to repel Al-Nusra forces and terrorist groups to regain control of the city. At the end of 2016, the Syrian army was completely controlled by the city of Aleppo. After the process of rebuilding Aleppo was deployed, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees returned to this city. Vu

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