Papaya Movement Is Green To Treat Melasma, Freckles Are Being Able To Get More ‘harmful’ Tiktoker?

Recently, on the Tiktok Social Network is spreading melasma videos at home with green papaya is rated as fast, cheap and super effective.00: 00/4: 27 South "Which sisters are being amermered and Freckles take a green papaya papaya peeled, rinse, grind and press the juice. Then you take the juice with honey at a ratio of 1: 1 apply to melasma area ", some Tiktoker sharing . According to the words of these tiktoker, "green papaya is considered to be engraved by the type of melasma, freckles. Which sisters are being burnt and freckles take the fruit papaya peeled, washed and pureed and Press the juice

. Then you take the juice with honey at a ratio of 1: 1 apply to melasma area ". TIKTOK experts recommend: "every week done 2 times, each time of applying 10-15 minutes and then washing with warm water will help fly black melanin pigments, delete melasma - freckles and help the skin bright red Back ". On the social network Tiktok is spreading Tiktok videos at home with green papaya is rated as fast, cheap and super effective
Very sisters after watching these videos have left suspicious comments Doubt green papaya can be harmful to skin. Many people sell semi-trends asking if anyone has used for good results to pin again ... does not lack the feedback sister has followed but did not work. Some comments on the video of Tiktok expert How to treat melasma with a green papaya.Theo Do Tuan Anh (Laser treatment area, 108 military central hospital), using papaya green melasma and freckles is a folk experience. Until now, this method of treating melasma has not yet studyed science claims, so if you are going to use, it is necessary to be cautious. In the green papaya resin containing papain with a double-cutting substance of the cells of the cell should manure Cancel very strongly. Meanwhile, facials are sensitive areas, thin skin so vulnerable to irritate
Using any herbal skin care cosmetics may also risk irritation, apply green papaya water to the face as easily encounter this situation.Bs Do Tuan Anh affirmed: Treatment of melasma can Leads to unfortunate consequences. In immediate consequences, patients may be in place of skin burns, appearing in place wounds, causing body metabolic disorders. In long-term consequences, patients can suffer from non-recovered skin, even increasing the risk of skin cancer, causing disease system. In the green papaya resin containing papain with double-cutting substances Planes should decompose very strongly. The corruption is correct, effectively requires many combinations, not just the method of people who lead to melasma due to the effect of melanliness so the treatment will take longer, yes Rebuilding again. According to BS Do Tuan Anh, to achieve high results when treating melasma, in addition to choosing a reasonable treatment, the patient also pays attention to the selection of prestigious and effective treatment facilities. In the process of treating melasma, patients need to comply with the treatment process according to the doctor's instructions as well as comply with the use of supported drug products prescribed by a doctor to achieve maximum efficiency. "At home , patients need reasonable diet, daily life and skin care. After finishing the treatment of melasma, patients need to take measures to preserve, protect skin like sun protection, avoid stress, always keep crystal Spirit fun comfortably, avoid a lot of late late, eat a lot of green vegetables, fresh fruits ", BS Tuan Anh shared. To achieve high results when treating melasma, in addition to choosing reasonable treatments, patients also Pay attention to choosing a prestigious and effective treatment facility.Bs Do Tuan Anh affirmed, treating melasma is a long-term disposal, requiring both patients and doctors with good coordination and perseverance in each The step treatment is a very common disease with middle-aged women today and there are many ways to improve. These very popular skin melasma treatments are peel skin, take oral medicine, cream, skin care or use light to treat. However, each method has certain advantages and disadvantages and depends on the patient's melasma, the conditions of the patient's time, the doctor will choose the treatment for the most suitable. " Treatment of melasma to achieve safety and optimal efficiency, usually to use multiple methods, can combine medical treatment with skin care, or laser combination of medical and skin care treatment ", specialized Family stressed. Female outer than 30 years old, when up to middle age should regularly visit, skin care.Bs Do Tuan Anh recommends that the treatment of melasma is a job that requires good coordination between you Swords and patients. Early treatment and selection of facilities as well as skin treatments are suitable for their conditions to quickly achieve maximum efficiency. General, women outside 30 years old, when aged middle age should regularly Visit and take care of skin. If the unexpectedly discovered melasma alerts like irregular skin, the skin appears black spots on the face, cheeks, dark skin gradually and dull color ... need to visit and treat it promptly. care

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