Parents Are Not Good Enough To Grow Up Often There Are 7 Signs

0:00 / 2: 57 NAM NAM NAM NOT good enough to grow up often There are 7 signs if you lack determination, often blame yourself and have low self-esteem, that may be a sign you are Nurtured by toxic parents. Malicious parents are controlling, often blaming their mistakes to others and make their children feel bad if they don't do what they expect. Ever feel yourself good enough people who are often feel more important and better than everyone. Therefore, they also want their children to look ideally, more beautiful in the eyes of others. If you behave in the way your parents want you to behave, you will be able to win their love, this is conditional for you to meet their expectations and desires

. You can be stuck In a vicious cycle never ends when trying to win parents' love by doing whatever they want. Your parents may have kept criticizing you because you could never do the right as what they had said or maybe you did, but they were not satisfied with the results or reactions from others. The feeling of never doing enough or not good enough can wear you to adulthood and affects other relationships as well as your self-esteem
Illustration. Your inconsistent with your parents' opinions, this idea can cause conflict and endings to be penalized. When you grow up, you may have difficulty debating with others, afraid to speak on your opinion. Can there be unhealthy relationships you can see that some of the relationships you are toxic. If your parents often control their children and do not know their boundaries, you can find yourself in a dependent copper relationship, is excessive dedication in a relationship, even sacrifice Personal and psychological needs of themselves. It becomes toxic toxic motherhood to control children. They want to do everything in a certain way because they believe that only they know what is right. So they offer all decisions for children.cha Mother toxic do not want you to become more independent because they will lose a single person in the life they can control to receive love Love and praise. Illustration
Feeling do not know who you can do not know what your preferences and needs or you really want in life. That's because, when you are young, you are not encouraged to discover yourself. You can't be yourself because your parents have decided to give you what you need to become. Those satisfied people Because you constantly have to make your parents feel better when you are young, You can do the same with others when mature. You forget yourself and you might even think what you need is not as important as what others need. You can feel afraid to lose your heart and try to respond to them in every way. The illustration vote. Continuous blame for your mother's hospital may have used your glasses to entice you Do what they want you to do. Parents also never allow you to say that they have done something wrong because it proves that they are not perfect. So they can make you feel guilty for what they did or because they did not appreciate them as parents. Linh (according to Brightside)

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