Parents In The Countryside Sent Vegetables, Fish Meat For Children Trapped In Ho Chi Minh City

Anxiety of children facing difficulties in buying food when translating reinforcement, many families in the countryside quickly send food into Ho Chi Minh City. In / 00/3: 43 Northern Vietnam in the face The 4th epidemic is complicated, unpredictable, especially in some southern provinces. In particular, Ho Chi Minh City is currently the largest outbreak in the country, recording 8,385 new cases from April 27 to 8 / 7. Before this situation, the purchase of daily necessities also became difficult More for many people. Sharing with Zing, 4 young people living, working in Ho Chi Minh City expressing emotion, peace of mind when rapidly being "frequent" family, ensuring dining needs in these days

. Yen Nhi (online business) Just a day after Binh Dien market must closely closed to carry out the prevention and control of epidemics, mother-in-law in Da Lat quickly packed, sent about 50 kg of vegetables for the couple I and my little daughter. Nhi Nhi received tens of kilograms of mother-in-law's vegetables sent from Da Lat before the city made a way of stretching. In that, part was self-planted mother, partly buying near the house
All are clean guarantages, do not spray, momentary mother sent to the child. Remove out of the barrel, I kept thought the family room into a mini vegetable stall. Pineapple, su su, papaya, potatoes, lemongrass, lemon, cauliflower, tomato, cucumber ... dozens of fresh tones. These days, due to many markets closed for epidemic, some items Food also increased due to great purchasing power. My body sells cheese and pate online, the number of guests is much more, disprinted as the time of Tet close. Next days may be very difficult, but everyone is born A little hard, well observing the prevention of epidemic prevention, I believe the situation will soon be controlled. "Office staff) My parents live in Soc Trang, each time the translation situation in Ho Chi Minh City complex Fully, two people agreed upon, worry about girls
This translation, parents sent me a part because of the price in the city, but mostly do not want me to go to the market, avoid contact with others. Don't want daughter to go out to buy food in Translation, parents are sent to her from meat and vegetables to spices. Tens of meat, fish, then a lot of green vegetables grown, to both onion, lemongrass, lemon mother also prepared for children girl. With these items, I'm sure the roommate must eat 3 weeks new. Mother's chicks sent, I have moved because this time getting the attention and worries of the family, while being added dynamic The force between this difficulty time. Phuong Nam (business) is a small business to sell clothes in Tan Binh market, nearly 2 months now, the business has difficulty and must be suspended due to the disease, my life meets A lot of difficulty. For the first time, I found such a "summer vacation" market. The daughter, my parents in Thanh Hoa sometimes send themselves to the passenger car, sometimes asking the aunt to live at the Hoc Mon media food. This is the 3rd time, 4 I received the "loving" carton of the family's "loving". The meats and fish were cleaned by male parents. From chicken, fish to coffee, tomatoes, each The thing is cleaned, I just need to break down and process. This time, the day of 3 meals eating at home, perhaps the food will be enough for me and the 3 more members are comfortable for more than a week. Also because of epidemic, almost 2 years I can't go to visit my parents. Wait when the situation returns to normal, I will definitely go home. Nguyen Ngan (Office staff) works at home for more than a month now, I almost just eat home cooking at home so often have to buy real Products. I just heard my daughter lamented, my parents quickly sent 8 kg of meat, then the pumpkin, pumpkin, carrots, eggplant from Binh Thuan out for 3 aunt My grandchildren. An Tam when was a lot of food subsidies .No n't that, go to both dry things like fish sauce, salt, cooking oil, then masks, butter, rambutan, confectionery are also lined by two parents in the shipment. Afraid I lacked, the two also said: "Wanting a message, my parents will quickly send more and peacefully." Look at the refrigerator full, I laugh at you. The days of relaxation coming, I will definitely be peaceful in the house in the house of anti-epidemic.Mai Location: NVCC

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