Paris Street Gorgeous Christmas Season Through The Vietnamese Photographer Lens

Light city of Paris, France is gorgeous, impressive to celebrate a peaceful Christmas season 2021. People and visitors in the festival atmosphere, seemingly like this city 'forgot-19'.0 : 00/3: 05 South Divide Covid-19 is returning, complicated movements in many European countries that make the activities to welcome the Christmas holidays. Some countries canceled the largest Christmas fairs for Covid-19. However, in France, a country with a very high vaccination rate, people are still being able to catch full season, freedom, no There are any ban

. "It's great when this year, Paris is gorgeously decorated, people can freely participate in visiting activities, shopping without curfew, unlimited gatherings . With Parisians, Christmas is a big, important holiday, is the occasion of family gatherings, so it is very solemn, but cozy ", Vietnamese photographers in France Nguyen Ngoc Anh (Nguyen Anh Lukas) Share. To record Christmas atmosphere in the French capital, Anh Ngoc Anh spent 5 days, alone through many different locations of the city
"I want to share pictures, warm air, the happiness of Paris to everyone, desires next year, any city in the world also has such a happy and peacefulness," he shared . Christmas 2021 officially started in France when 400 green trees along Champs Élyseés in Paris were lit on 21.11.Do the influence of epidemics lasting over the past 2 years, the amount of people poured here every day has decreased from 150,000 people in 2017 to only about 15,000 people in March / 2021.Government and French people hope, the meaning of Christmas will return and the Champs Boulevard Élyseés will return "Phong The degree of "of the previous years of pandemic. In Paris, the most beautiful places are the most beautiful Christmas holidays that are usually large commercial centers like Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Le Bon Marché, Châtelet-Les Halles or Les 4 temps. Here, they often build "super big giant" Christmas trees, eye-catching decorations, stand out with a brilliant light system. The glass door frame of stores is designed with puppet performances on music backgrounds, very beautiful lights, attractions. These automatic puppets attract the attention of visitors. The giant pine trees are decorated at the commercial center of the stylized tree in the famous commercial center Le Bon Marche
- "Shopping paradise" Galeries Lafayette is also impressively invested in decoration, attracting all the attention of the people, visitors when the Haussmann.galeries Lafayette Avenue is often great thanks to the large dome Glass, Art Nouveau style design (new art). The Christmas season, the more shimmering here. Each year, on Christmas, the center of Galeries Lafayette always builds a giant pine tree, sparkling lights in the brilliant context of new art architecture. Christmas tree will change the theme, idea of every year to always bring a new feeling. Giant communication is located in the middle of the Galeries Lafayette to welcome Christmas 2021 decorative pictures in the store at the very multi Galeries Lafayette Form: Space exploration flights, spacecraft, funny zoo, witty cartoon characters, mischievous ... Each store has different decoration ways to attract tourists to find centers Large trade, Paris also came to spacious outdoor spaces like Tuileries, La Défense. Christmas, these areas are arranged, organized into entertainment space, dining area, Christmas market ... The products sold here are usually handmade, crafted; In particular, many traditional products only sell on Christmas. The most popular cuisine is cheese, hot wine and traditional candy jam. In Paris, all 20 districts on the end of the year have Christmas markets, however the Christmas Market Tuileries, transferred from the market Christmas on World Famous Boulevard Champs Élyseés About is considered the largest place where the Parisians often go to shop Christmas ornaments such as wreaths, bulbs, candle tableware ... or products Local products such as gingerbreads, wine, cold meat, goose liver ... people and some lucky tourists present in Paris at this time are enjoying peaceful and warm atmosphere in the famous Christmas market. This seems to be "forgot-forgot-19" people and happy visitors to enjoy the traditional hot wine with gifts also make many people like to sourly special favorite skating activities. Attracting children but also makes many mature mature Bercy is decorated with 1200 umbrellas, creating a shimmering, fanciful 200m long, 6mthong width and walking on the road, visitors will step to the tree Giant Christmas decoration from 30 pcs transparent umbrella very fancy huge airship in front of the famous fashion store Dior in Saint HonorelLinh Map: Photographer

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