Participate In Nuclear Negotiations With The Us-russia: Whether China Has ‘said Without Doing’?

China is promoting efforts to develop domestic nuclear capacity to step by step balance forces in relation to the US and Russia. China also participated in negotiating nuclear weapons with Russia - an attempt to limit the nuclear capacity of the parties. China is promoting efforts to develop domestic nuclear capacity to step by step balance force Quantity in relation to the US and Russia. (Source: AP) appeared, it seems like this is conflicting moves, but, this is actually the "reason" calculations of Beijing. China gradually balanced the previous force, the transmitter There are 119 missile launchers (silo) that are more likely to be built in Western China, which raises a warning bell in Washington

. Military and American analysts were surprised by China's modernization of nuclear weapons and enlarged systems. However, even with these new launchers and many other programs, Kho Vu China's nuclear gas is still a small part compared to the weapon of the US and Russia. In fact, the above-mentioned launchers seems to be part of the process that China is implementing to ensure that, The country's nuclear deterrent capacity will be effective against larger and sophisticated rivals
The above missile launcher is detected via satellite images. Analysts said that they significantly extended the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) deployed on the ground that China could use - currently about 100 missiles, according to the new report The most of the US Department of Defense for China's military capacity. What is the purpose of building these missile cellars, there is a clear thing that China continues its ambitious program about Expanding and improving the nuclear arsenal. In 2015, Beijing reorganized the army, bringing the artillery Corps No. 2 - the unit to manage, operate Chinese missiles and warheads into force Rocket of Chinese People's Liberation Military (PLA) and upgraded this force into a full military force. That year, China has released a ballistic missile launch from the JL-2 submarine to Completing the second stage of the "kernel trio" (including systems capable of carrying nuclear weapons deployed on the ministry, on the sea and aerial). Although China owns a nuclear weapon from the air, but the country still lacks a strategic bombing that can deploy the global attack with these weapons. Also in 2015, Floor Five angle for the first time reported that China has deployed multi-bullshum technology (MIRV) on ballistic missiles, a technology that makes it possible to prevent Chinese nuclear warheads through these The missile defense shield became more difficult. In 2017, China also equipped this technology for DF-41 missiles - Mobile ICBM on the latest set and China's most out-of-range missiles. All these steps are aimed at implementing one thing: ensuring China has the ability to fight second (second strike capability)
Nuclear deterrent will not be effective if the enemy knows that can defeat nuclear weapons with a head attack. China until recent years rely on a small amount of release missiles from launchers, clearly concerned this case can happen. The mitigation has benefited today, Washington wants Beijing to become Part of the US-Russian nuclear negotiations. When the competition between the US and China is increasing and monitoring Beijing's military and nuclear development, Washington wants to avoid any nuclear armed race for long-term and energy control China's nuclear force. This not only requires the parties to agree on the number of warheads and launchers, but also there must be some form of verification. No surprise when Beijing is not very much Excited with limiting your arsenal or must follow any form of verification. However, it seems that China will benefit if you do so. Participating in the negotiations on the Warehouse limit with the US and Russia are the opportunity to prove China's commitment to curb nuclear weapons - which benefits global and will be so much About support. Moreover, becoming a party participating in this negotiation will allow China to promote more stringent restraint measures for the nuclear weapons of both the US and Russia. Being an outsider, Beijing will not be able to influence the scale and sophisticination of these two largest nuclear weapons. By participating in negotiations, China will have a voice on The way these two powers maintain their nuclear deterrent capacity. Participation of limited negotiations Nuclear arsenal will also show China's goodwill to the US at a time when Beijing is wanting Past the friction between the two sides. Like climate change, do not disseminate nuclear weapons is an important field in cooperative potential.

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