Pass The Fear Inside Me

To overcome that fear of thinking like invisible, you need to face fear inside yourself, by listening, accepting that feeling that exists, don't try to hide the area: 00/3: 01 Navigator illustrates to heal the lesions, you need to learn how to listen, face the fear inside yourself. Your fear if any, is because it is born in the process you grow up, go to school, settle down, love. There are underground lesions inside the baby, for example, you lack the attention, love of your parents or witnessing my parents is not happy. Also you've a victim of school violence, you Each of his friends was bullied, criticized and humiliated. Worse is that you are not lucky to have sexually abused

. Or there are also cases of farewell lovers too much forming fear that having problems himself is not good so others are constantly removing ..
There are people who are scared of things that have not happened Out, things are not really dangerous. It was born in subconscious with the pain, the fear saved in the unconscious of each person and our brain creates a defensive line to protect us in situations that occur in life. Girl for girls That I cannot reach a relationship. It turned out that she had sexually abused by a person who seemed outside, quite attractive. She was alert, actively holding the distance with men to come to him for feeling insecure. The fear of the internal affected her life is now. To overcome the fear of thinking like that invisible, you need to face the fear inside yourself, by listening, accepting that That feeling exists, don't try to hide. Sometimes, just for fear of "fears that don't take place" that people ignore the happiness moments of the current happiness. The past is over, if we don't forget, we live with the past, haunting with mistakes. Learn how to live with the current moments
Learn your questions: If I'm fearful, what will happen? If I fight with it, then? Is there a way to live without fear? From there overcome his inside fear. Every time the fear is about, practice the "self-awakening" method, which is: stopping the entire interactions that have caused you the feeling of fear. Focus on your breath. Breathing the whole air just brought down the stomach for 3 seconds, then retained and exhaled slowly. Just work so continuously from 5 to 10 breaths, you will calm down and control your behavior better. I close that pain, feel and record on the diary: How do I feel? What is your fear really happened in the present? How did it take place? If there is a way for me to fear anymore, what will I do? Please apply this method continuously. Every day you give yourself at least 20-30 minutes to listen to yourself and apply the "self-awoke" method, you will see positive results, helping you get back to be balanced and master emotions His. Let others have the opportunity to listen, understand you, share, accept you, who actively helps you to heal the pain, hurt. You can accept the help of the person you feel confident, help me overcome the fear and difficulty. But remember not to put your fear on another person who forgot what we must be responsible for handling fears, not entirely relying on others.

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