Passionately Before The Fairy Scene In Lotus Dress At The Foot Of The Dancing Season

The gentle beauty of Dam Sen shows off the pink pink located right at the foot of Ngọa Long Mountain, causing many people to be enthroved.0: 00/2: 14 namninh Binh domain has never stopped making the trigger funky by the green scene Friendly knowledge and dance cave are the most amazing destination for many lovers. If you've been fascinated with a dance cave with a beautiful "yellow season" of ripe rice fields, it must be that the lotus season will make you surprised again because the flower scene shows off Beautiful to enchanting. The lotus season blooms that the dance cave becomes sparkling and brilliant with white lotus, Hong sprays throughout the space. (Photo: Facebook) about 2 hours away from Hanoi, Dam Sen under dance cave (Ninh Binh ) is the favorite check-in the young people

. Every summer degree, in June to August every year when the lotus season has started, this place has a magic variable. Len Sen at the foot of 1ha wide mountain is a place to make a difference in the dance cave these days. (Photo: Bui Ngoc Cong) (Photo: Bui Quang Thuy) stands out on the deep green leaf background are racing flowers
each other showing off the pink white spread across a region, far away from the horny rocky mountain range in the whites of the clouds, the green color creates a great and extremely beautiful natural picture, the neck Romantic page. Strolling between the brilliant lotus field, inhaling a pure air in the early morning and immersed between the beautiful nature is the experience that anyone will be immersed when coming to the lotus season. (Photo: Minh Son ) The wooden road in the middle of Sen Lake blooms with one side as a rice field on the side of the dance cave to create a romantic and romantic setting. The road is simple but stretching in the heart shape between Len Lake really conquered anyone. (Photo: Facebook) Len Sen at the foot of Ngọa Long Mountain This is one of the most beautiful lotus lakes in Vietnam . If Lake Lake normally bloom only within 1-2 months, Dam Sen in the dance cave blooms until the end of the year. (Photo: Bui Ngoc Cong) The lotus season is beautiful and showing off the most magnificent incense in June to May 7. Lotus has the characteristic that blooms in the early morning and dismissed when afternoon, so if you want to watch flowers as well as can check-in the most beautiful virtual live, come here early in the early morning. At 6:00 to 7pm is the most beautiful, Now Lota has begun to bloom and still crowds a little mist, the air freshness is soft, this is the most beautiful lotus dress in the day. In order for the extra check-in image set, the hat is favored by many people to live virtual between Sen Lake
(Photo: Bui Quang Thuy) (Photo: Facebook) (Photo: Facebook) Dance lotus season always makes du Guests are sunk by the scene here too peaceful and beautiful. Heavenly flavors in the middle of the floral season cause the hearts of people who don't leave the steps.Cersei (synthesis)

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