‘patriarch’ Because The Car Model Costs Only 224 Million ‘honda Hr-v: Cheaper Than Kia Morning, Is Cool

This urban SUV car model is much cheaper than Kia Morning hatchback with Honda HR-V, Kia Seltos and Hyundai Kona.Tata Nexon has attracted consumers' attention since output Show in the first time in concept in 2014. This is an urban SUV model directly competing with Honda HR-V, Kia Seltos, Hyundai Kona. Bold design help Nexon attracts attention on the road with wing headlights Flower swood upwards, LED lights Bright DRLs, Projector lamps with halogen balls, partial white fog lamp borders, black winds that look pit-wheeled are highlights at the top of the car.Nexon has a great standing position When viewed from the side, especially the protruding part front and small rear

. The use of three different colors, high roaring spots (209mm without loading), flat roof rails, shark fin antennas, arrow door handle arches and 16-inch alloys create Add more exquisite features to design. Detached taillights with LED DRLS, surfing wings mounted on the roof of the car and white strip surrounding the taillight to help Nexon stand out. According to Tata's typical modern style, the fog lamp is placed at the bottom of the bumper
The steering wheel, clock clock, climate panel and the buttons on the door pads will look familiar to those who have been sitting on modern Tata cars, the rest of the refreshed cabin. In the front, the high center dashboard divides the cabin into two distinct areas. Sitting people feel comfortable with a beautiful lines of lines with use centers, the screen information system 6.5 inch high-definition induction free eye-catching and easy to fall into the driver's vision. The steering stalks have a heavy feeling for them and all buttons on the central control panel are soft when touching.Tata Nexon is equipped with two turbocharged motors, the blue car here yes New REVOTORQ 4-cylinder diesel engine while the red car uses a new 3-liter Revotron 3-cylinder gasoline engine. Customers can choose different driving modes including: Eco, City and Sport through the rotating knob on the central control panel behind the number. As the name suggests, these modes change the ability to respond and the performance of the engine to suit the needs of each situation. In the Indian market, Tata Nexon has a price converted to Vietnam only from 224,000 .000 dong, cheaper than the other car price in our country is about 100,000,000 VND

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