Patriotic Traditions, Resilience Against Foreign Invaders Of Ha Tinh

Looking back at the history, any time and before any enemy, Ha Tinh is still a rosome area, grounds - where the power supply, the strength and great sacrifice for ethnic groups.0: 00 / 5: 19 Southern subdomains, patriotism, the will of fighting resilient to independently for the nation, the revolutionary spirit is like a constant, penetrating deep in the distance, the quality of Ha Tinh people . The 7th century VIII had an uprising of Mai Loan. "The sound of the four-way response / prestige, causing the road / Song Lam Moon to fill the waves / mountain of hero soon has a wolf lang" (1). This confirmed that the people here are not only participating, responding to rebels but also to organize revolts against the Northern Enemy to win independence

. , Public Temple, Tram Lam Temple (Phu Gia Commune, Huong Khe, Ha Tinh) contains a lot of valuable values on history, culture, spirituality. In nearly a century of the last year, the Ha Tinh region is often Crossing the robbery of the football, Cham Pa. People's lives are rarely peaceful
However, Ha Tinh became a reserve of Luong Thao for the battleships of the Tran, Lake House, the starting place of the operations into Cham Pa or to Ai Lao. Seeing the tremendous contribution of the people in this area, so in the resistance against the Nguyen Military - Mong for the second time in 1285, King Tran Nhan Tong was proud to say (translation): "Ordinary stories people should remember / Festivation and the other tens of thousands of troops "(2). In the anti-foreign anti-epidemic resistance of the XV, Ha Tinh participated in the revolt of Tran Sua with National Cong Dang Tat, an excellent commander . The fragrant example of the General Dang Dung; Uy Vu Lang Men's Sunshine of Nghia Vuong Nguyen Tam ... resounding non-river. In the anti-army resistance, there are general generals such as: Nguyen Bien with uprising in the Cave (Cam Xuyen); Nguyen Tuan Thien, Khai Quoc Cong Dynasty Le Zhao Leached in Nghia Lam Son Flag ..
Later, Hoang Giap Bui Duong Calendar had Poetable Mountain Rings. "Land adjacent to three rivers and mountains such as african horse / chapter, Huong divided into two reclines / lam, Pho Ba Chi / Hoan, Germany showing offition / tea, high holding boundary lobe / peace of the day. The property "(3). National artifact gun" Bao Quoc of the General of the General "in Minh Dynasty Year (1821) was discovered in Nghi Xuan Sea in 2003. (in the photo: 1 in 3 ports Public guns are displayed at the Provincial Museum). Photo: Thien Vy.This is the period of Ha Tinh people who contribute many efforts together with the Kiem Son Military Army to build a series of cities in Do Gia base. Youths are coated with the Chau and the disturbance to enter the road to join the troops to participate in many resounding battles like the match, Tra Lan. "Open the country in Le Nu / Lady of the Long Lady of Giang Street" (4). After Le - Mac, Trinh - Nguyen Cham (XVI - XVII), by the end of the XVIII century, Ha Tinh Continue to join King Quang Trung Diet Thanh Thanh. Name and merit of the elite children of Ha Tinh as the Admirs of Lake Phi Chan, Duong Van Tao - Talented generals have contributed to the victory of the spring spring (1789) in Thang Long to miss 20 Van Quan Thanh. One of the glorious periods of Ha Tinh since the founding of the province in 1831 was the resistance movement against French colonialism. Right from 1858, General Cong Nguyen Cong Tru (1778 - 1858) when 80 years old retired, the power still offered to ask the king to save the water. At the end of the nineteenth century, the early twentieth century, struggles, revolts in Ha Tinh land not rested, always boiling willing to kill the enemy rescue water. In 1874, Khoi Nghia "Golden Flag" of Tran Quang Lam (commune Son Trung, Huong Son) and Nguyen Huy Dien (Thach Xuan commune, Thach Ha). In 1885, Le Ninh went to the Nghia Dynasty in the Ne Vuong movement. That year, Phan Dinh Phung organized and became the leader of Huong Khe revolt. This is a wide resistance throughout Ha Tinh. The class of affordee and the people have just uprising to make the Fa and the feudal court fears to steep full of power to deal, suppress. In Huong Khe's revolt, Cao Thang - a dunge of general The meaning of the military has successfully prepared a rifle according to form 1784 of France to shoot the Fa. Dieu Xo Viet Nghe Tinh in Nghen Town, Can Loc. Photo: Huy Tung on March 3, 1930, Ha Tinh Party Committee was established, Leaders of People Making Soviets-Writing Nghe Tinh in 1930 - 1931. "Bucket-writing vibrating heavenly red sickle roses Lam! " (Huu). The patriotic spirit along with the ideal revolution has created the great strength of the land and people here. Under the leadership of the Party, Ha Tinh continues to significantly contribute to the resistance against the French colonialism, the American Empire and protect the border later. In the war against the US to save the country, Ha Tinh - From the first match The United States (March 26, 1965) in the mountain pleads to the victories on the transport front, big entrancees with tens of thousands of children on the way to the battle has contributed to the common wars of the nation. these

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