Pay Expensive When Desire Too Much

0: 00/3: 18 Southern countries are expensive when the desire too much Shakespeare said: "Lust like coal fire, it must be cooled, otherwise, the fire will burn the soul". Everything has its price. I want to be human instincts. If a person does not have desires, he cannot exist. However, what is informed, if you don't control, desire is the biggest bad life of your life

. Prices around the world are young. He bought a lot of precious collections, including many extremely fragile sets. To move between countries, he accepted to remove a small amount of money to bring up the aircraft's first-class compartment so he brought them back in the first-class compartment of the aircraft
Leave these things into it. Fear that everything will be stolen, he has installed a 360-degree monitoring system without blind spots in the warehouse and dozens of 24/14 patrol protection staff, no matter how many effort but not Can maintain the stable temperature and humidity of the warehouse. The collection is increasingly reduced, his mood becomes worried for a long time. These precious items are no longer a joy to him but become a burden. Owning material too much, in the heart of the mountain, it makes you stunned. The illustration. The more you must Paying more energy and consumables and starts to become a slave of everything. There are many things, the desire to be worse but even more worried that you cannot be happy. Only by learning the application Simplified and restrained, people can actually get the wealth and happiness inside. Many desires, the more sinisters from dressing, eating, houses, cars, become officials, children People want to endless
There is a concept of "thresholds" in psychology. With the stimulation of desire, the threshold of people is increasing and happily due to the same thing that tends to decrease. No ends for desire, but also no end to the ability of People. Once the desire to exceed the ability of individuals, a person can easily overcome the bottom line to pay for his wishes. The old man said: "Manchandal men, much desire is dangerous, little ham want to be calm ". The more desires, the more sinisters. The illustration. Many desires, the old heart of the old people saying: "The person will be frustrated if the desire is more, that person will be strong if you reduce the desires ". Many desires, more people require more and they suffer more limitations. Over time, their hearts will become weak, do not dare to say or do anything. The type of shackle. The more desirable people, the heavier human shackles hinder freedom. Over time, a person can only promise and listen to other people's words. When gambling, some people bet large, Some others bet small. He took the betting bricks, he could comfortably bet, anyway, what he bet was bricks. A person took a nice and expensive hook to set Bets can tremble and fear when he gambles. The people who get gold out as a certain bet will be confused. Despite Where is it, in your heart unhappy? Only by letting go of desire for the extraction, people can regain peace and freedom inside. Sighs say: "Nurturing the heart is not good by less desire". Suffering is located in too much desire. The more minimalist life is lowering, more happiness

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