‘pay Previous Purchase’ Promises To Explode In Vietnam

Vietnam though 'go after the world a beat' but market 'Buy Now, Pay Later - BNPL', also known as 'buy, pay later' to fall on convenient time to other forms of credit this new promises will boom, accompanied by fierce competition in the next time ... 0: 00/6: 51Nu South "Buy pay later" boom promising future in Vietnam in early September laiHoi, contemporary in the field of payment to PayPal announced it will spend $ 2.7 billion to repurchase Paidy - a platform "buy first, pay later" Japanese Ban

.CUOC of the giants WHOLE RACE CAUPaidy allows traders online offer payment via credit card and installment payments for their clients. The deal is expected to be completed in quarter 4/2021, marking a new step of fintech giants from the US to draw closer to the Japanese market Ban.Truoc just less than a month, Square Inc
also will disclose " open purse "acquisition Afterpay Ltd. - service platform "buy pre-paid" by Australia with prices up to $ 29 billion. About 16 million customers and nearly 100,000 sold worldwide are using this platform. The agreement is expected to help Square owns a majority in the payment space digital as well as expand access to dung.Nhung consecutive major deals from big guns on the leading payment reflects the incredible charisma platforms "buy pre-paid". This is considered as a form of new credit of the 21st century, in which the customer does not need to pay immediately to the seller that can pay gradually with choices fee or no charge, or pay interest productivity in the period to come after a beat South phep.Viet compared to the world, but the market fall on favorable time for the "purchase, pay later" should promise will boom in the coming period ". Wen Nhu Binh - Director of Business Strategy VNPAYQRTS. Nguyen Huu Huan, Head of Financial Markets Department, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, said the application "purchase, pay later" is booming on a global scale and consumers to receive very positive. As reported by Worldpay, services "buy first, pay later" will be one of the online payment form the fastest global growth in the next 5 years
"Typically, as in Australia, the app" purchase pre-paid "Afterpay is one of the reasons for the number of people using credit cards in the country, significant losses, especially young customers" , Dr. Noi.Ly Huan interpretation of the explosion of the platform "buy pre-paid", Mr Wen Nhu Binh, Director of Business Strategy VNPAYQR pointed out two main reasons. Accordingly, in the world, this credit form have appeared in recent years, but really exploded when a pandemic occurs Covid-19 makes online shopping trend flourished. "2020-2021 is the golden time of generation Z. And" buy, pay later "is the right product that meets the tastes of Generation Z rather than traditional credit card," Binh said them.THI VIETNAM MARKET : Explosion aND COMPETITION TRANHTheo Mr. Binh, will have two main models "buy, pay later" development in Vietnam, including products of credit institutions and products by the platform provider (Atome, Fundiin , Reepay ...). "The market will witness a confrontation interesting and intense between these two models," Binh predicted. "Buy pay later 'is creating a revolution in the field of consumer credit worldwide and is expected to boom in Vietnam in the coming time due to the above advantages compared with the credit card and will replace credit cards in the future. "The number of start-up activities in this field has emerged in Vietnam and will grow exponentially in the near future according the trend of the world. The business model can be referred to foreign capital or be associated with domestic and foreign banks to deploy the form of "buy pay later '', Dr. Huan predicted. "Buy pay later 'ownership features Vietnamese advantages over credit cards as credit granting is extremely simple. Accordingly, users are granted credit when just a few steps validate customer information via electronic client identifier. They also do not have to meet strict requirements, such as people using credit cards must have as paid through banks, collateral ... Users of the platform a new credit only need to create an account, agreement chronic conditions such basic no bad debts at credit institutions, points of confidence from the organization's credit ratings good society or history of good purchase on the site e-commerce, e-wallet will be issued immediately a certain limit to spend. "This limit will initially be small figure, but if they pay on time and have good credit history, the limit value will increase over time," Dr. Order of giai.Voi providers, risk management is a thorny issue, or, further, the problem would headache approved fast but low risk ".Mr Nguyen Hai Nam's National -Director Vietnam NamCac Paretix app "purchase, pay later" face a fierce competition with each e

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