‘peace That Live’ Of Luu Dinh Long: Pen With Positive Energy

Nearly 10 years of writing books, the journey is not too long for a person 'teenage'; But reading of Luu Dinh Long and hard everyone may not recognize the flexibility when using his pen. No one can give a specific number to assess a long-term worker. The skilled story is the story of the journey to learn, grinding, trained, not every 20 or 30 years, it will be good at the same time. The author Luu Dinh Long, for example, more than 15 years of writing a newspaper (from no specializing in specializing in specialties) and nearly 10 years of writing books, the journey is not too long for a person "tips"; But his reading is hard everyone can not recognize the flexibility when using his pen. If the previous episodes - "listen to the breath", "like the clouds", "like the healthy wind", "My Tinh Kinh Theory of me" - Luu Dinh Long chooses the way of writing thinking, using a lot of poetry, turning small works into tonsils, depending on the pen; Go to the latest episode - "Peace and live" - he returned with a short and concise writing like many years used in the press

. This can be considered the first plus for the new booklet this. Because of that, Liu Luu Dinh Long always knows the techniques of all genres and knows for not to turn their work into a boring eye in the eyes of readers. The peaceful products of Luu Dinh Long
Dinh Long not only flexible the technique of writing in this episode with the other episode, but also can show the flexibility of words in each sentence, each piece., Are you talking about "not so sad Very "when he lived away from his cheeks, away from his son - a cute self-sex - then moved to introduce another character to live with idyllic selection in the work" to see himself happily ". Or like "keeping smile" is the most obvious; Luu Dinh Long intervenes sections Expressing sharp thinking, the ability to observe a sharpness of a newspaper with smooth, slow, reflecting sections with the philosophies from Thich Nhat Hanh Zen Master. Works that address live conceptions - from folk conceptions to modern life - Luu Dinh Long Choose a Disaster Pen, easy to read, mix a bit of gentle humor ... but show very clearly Personal scores. As, "July is not a premature month" to reject the bad thoughts, blaming "months of soul"; At the same time remind yourself, remind the readers about a season Vu Lan newspaper. Or as, "fire holder" is a recognition of the position of the woman in the family; Although the Choose Characters were unlikely to keep the family completely, the common point was that they lived and sacrificed their own family to the last minute, true with the name of the fire holder. Or like two typical works of modern life are "startups and drawings" and "keyboard heroes", are two Luu Dinh Long's works showing in disagree with young people, people Mature in the technology era but there is a look not deep enough to the problem they are choosing or deciding to do
The stuff that Luu Dinh Long always keeps its booklets as a positive energy source. Even like the two works just mentioned above, even though it is disagreement, but Long does not need to use any negative words. Security that live is assessed with a short, concise writing. Even writing a work called "Don't criticize anyone" to clearly show the point of frankly, it must not necessarily say criticism. This probably does not surprise the readers who have read through Long's books, because everyone knows Luu Dinh Long is a Buddhist. And he himself has received many times, that he has been sister Angry, but has changed when finding the light for your life - is the light of the Dharma. So, the more unexpectedly when this new booklet, Luu Dinh Long still spends a lot of "land" for vapor works The meditation is like "good choice is to live", "I'm happy and this moment", "the bright corners of life" ... and he also spent a lot of "land" to write about Mom - love and source Endless inspiration with all the authors - like "there is a mother with me", "just might be a mother", "I put in, plated to practice," said thanks, yet enough! ".. All of these works, Luu Dinh Long chose to recount the real story of herself, of relatives and friends made the reader touched by honesty though he doesn't need to use any sentences from flowers America! Unlike previous booklets, this time, Luu Dinh Long does not write n Article about your awakening. But the very true stories are written in his press pen, making the readers contemplating the value of awakening. Not, awaken, enlightenment is simply "Now and here", is " Siding now ", is" peace inside "...? And obviously, this is the point of "nine" of Long in the writing career. Only a real person injured the text can use his press nib to tell the story of people, telling the story of life that might cause the reader to understand that "impermanence is normal", then it is found to be peaceful Which live.

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