Pearls Ngoc Trinh Suddenly Re-exported After The First Shaving Time, And Weighed 2 Main Roles In The New Movie

Passing the emotional event, Pearl Virgin actor was ready to return to the small screen audience. The past time, actor information Le Ngoc Trinh shaved the tip of the Buddha after noise with his old boyfriend Enjoy the attention of many viewers. She decided to keep the mind to seek the Buddha's mind to seek peace, ease of emotional pain. Ngoc Trinh expression unexpectedly re-exported after the time shaved his head, there were 2 main roles in the new movie. At the beginning of July, recently, the audience was unexpectedly before Ngoc Trinh's news was about to re-export in the new movie

. Accordingly, the actress will take on at the same time on the two main roles in the film boss after the absence of small screen. The actor is about to return in the movie Mother boss. The boss is a criminal psychological film Exploiting in new aspects, thorny topics and tricky plots
The film tells about a Giang Ho mother who has been paid with a 20-year prison sentence for past time mistakes. Later, she was painful when she witnessed 4 boys again following the poured car of myself in the past. In the movie, Le Ngoc Trinh transformed into 2 main characters with Vy and Tran Tran with the same appearance but Various personality. Pearls still stupidly stupid and small Vy is a gentle girl, with compassion. "This is the first role of two shoulders. The first stage, Trinh turned into the role of Pearls - a psychological girl unstable, stupid. Later, Trinh became a small vy - a sophisticated girl, rich in compassion. It can be said, Pearls and Tieu Vy as a rather complicated and pressureful role with previous roles of virgin virginly participated, "Le Ngoc Trinh is born in 1996. SHARE, she likes the role of Tieu Vy because of the personality points very much like her true human: outside sacrifice yourself for the job but the inside has a weak heart, feeling affectionate and loving people. Complex epidemics, the Mother's Mother's Message must suspend a time
This caused Le Ngoc Trinh to fear his feelings drifted, but fortunately she always received a lot of help from Ekip making movies. Through each segment, Le Ngoc Trinh all tried to show the character psychology in the best and most life. Especially, in the film Le Ngoc Trinh also had the opportunity to work with the "Mother of the nation" NS Ngan Quynh. She said not only acting she also learned a lot from the way of life of the predecessor. The film with a profound personality will definitely bring attractive entertainment for the audience. 60 episode bosses will be broadcast at 19:33 Monday to Friday every week from September 15, 2021.

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