Penalty Nearly Half A Billion Dollars Because Of Pruning Seeds In Front Of The House

A Chinese man has been fined over 140,000 yuan (equivalent to VND 490 million) because of trimming camphor plants by his own money to buy and care for us to buy and care.0: 00/1: 48 South of the past days, stories About camphor and controversial fine levels are getting great attention from Chinese netizens. The main object in the story is Mr. Li, Shanghai City residents, China. He bought a camphor tree since 2002 for more than 10,000 yuan (VND 35 million) and brought to grown in the home garden

. A few years later, the tree grows so fast, covering the sun, Mr. Li was forced to move to the tree outside the yard. Time laps, the tall tall trees should be in January this year Definite workers to tighten and trim all branches to prevent natural lighting
Only the weight of the capital is 2m higher than being retained. However, this action makes him get a fine of more than 140,000 yuan (about 21,000 USD). Mr. Li himself was shocked to receive this imagination penalty. "Individuals do not have the right to transplant or trim the plants grow in public green space without the approval of tree management agencies Green, "Shanghai Morning Post quoted Mr. Zhu Xiaoxi, an official of the Urban Management Board in Shanghai City. Also according to Mr. Zhu, if the tree is grown in Mr. Li's home and stem diameter smaller than 25 cm then the employer can arbitrarily handle it. But the camphor tree has been moved from the field in front of the house so it is in the public domain
About the fine amount, Mr. Zhu explained that the "excessive trimming" standards rely on each type of tree. The job has caused a harsh debate on the Chinese social network. Many people advise Mr. Li to ask the authorities to review the incident. They also believe that local authorities should remind instead of such severe punishment, and should do propaganda and educate regulations with people before making the sanctioning level. Flower (T / H follow Tien Phong, Infonet)

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