People ‘flutter’ At Border Crossing

It was Mr. Pang gradually born, originally the Party Committee of the Party Committee, Chairman of Sin Civil Commune People's Committee, Muong Nhe District (Dien Bien), the elite child in the Ha Nhi ethnic community. This year was 60 years old with more than 30 years of the Party, he still wished to spend the faithful iron faith and became the "fire" for the people where the border falls in the movement of hunger eradication and poverty reduction firmly, contributing to the new rural construction instant instant instance instant / 00/1: 50 nuoc nghiep namong pang gave birth to repair grinders serving the people in the village. Polydling are a very big person for people Bidding is therefore beloved by the people. He was born recalling: "Sin bid on the old days

. Every year only one season is planted to sown and almost home in Sin bid then there are also opium addicts. In 1993, when there was Cai's advocate Addiction for the people, as the Party Committee of the Party Committee, and Chairman of the Commune People's Committee, I registered with the district for Sin bid to pilot the first phase. " In the 5 consecutive years (from 1993 to 1998), he was born with Border Guard staff to go to each village, to each house to mobilize and bring addicted people to the border guard station, to the centralized detached commune according to regulations 20 days
At the end of the concentration in accordance with the state regulations, he welcomed each person to hand over to the family and asked to sign a commitment to manage and take care of their relatives so that they did not relapse. As a result, many people in Sin Tau have given up opium. Gradually is a pioneer in learning experience in economic experience from garden models - ponds - cages - Forests and bringing trees, new breeds , Planting in the area. Learning the economic development model of his family's family, Ha Nhi people in Sin Tau have known plant crops in the fields and captivity, cattle care at farms, contracting, forest protection. Chairman of the Commune People's Committee of Chinh Pha said: "Pre-borne contributions have helped Sin bid today rise, becoming one of Muong Nhe district's points on economic development, stabilizing people Residential, no social evils. At the end of 2020, Sin Thau commune became the first new rural commune of Muong Nhe district ".bong and photo: Lam Hanh

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