People Join Hands To Establish New Life To Soon Pass Ways

At this time with Ho Chi Minh City, the epidemic control is the most important. 'Ho Chi Minh City, Healthy' is a loving message with netizens shared in the days of distance <: 00/4: 39 namsau domain more than a month of a month of social resolution, Ho Chi Minh City Still facing many difficulties when contaminants continuously increase. WORKSHIRTS OF WHITE WHITE LEADERS PLANTS OF EDUCATION, Many business activities Delayed, businesses for employees to work remotely, the government levels make efforts to solve social security for people ..

. All in the same direction of an early translation passing, life is returned to normal. Cucumbering anti-epidemic performance 16, from July 9, Ho Chi Minh City stops unimportous services, temporarily closed Traditional market, stop service to sell food, stop operating motorbikes, do not gather over 2 people .
. the city accepts economic losses and social security burden to expect to decrease New cases. On the decision to relax the way, the representative of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee said it was considering step by step, and looking forward to sharing, sympathizing, supporting people.Tp.hcm needs real measures. Fast and look forward to sharing, sympathetic, supporting people. One of the most worries of people at this time is enough to have a necessity to serve life. To ensure food and food supply in the days of distance, Ho Chi Minh City allows traffic trucks to transport essential goods from other provinces. Before that, the guidance of vaccination prevention vaccination Covid-19 is sent to people from Zalo of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health. In the message also integrates the medical declaration button, helps people actively arrange, shorten the waiting period, reduce the load for centralized vaccinations
Since the beginning of July, Ho Chi Minh City also implements a large Covid-19 test sample to trace F0. People are announced through the Zalo page of each ward, district. Driver carrying essential goods checked papers before entering Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Pham Language. Information on regular media regularly updates is the efforts to apply technology levels of government levels, helping people update in time information about disease situation and only New religion, at the same time, to be safe at home and strictly stretch the way of socially. Make a new life of loving messages like: "Ho Chi Minh City, Healthy", "Ho Chi Minh City is strong!" "Thank you for the first glander" or "9 million people because of healthy Ho Chi Minh City" is shared online people in the past few days. People replace representatives with words of love and encouragement For Ho Chi Minh City. Screenshot. Many conscious people themselves must establish a new life between pandemic to adapt and overcome difficulties. Mr. Nguyen Luong Anh - Software Engineer in Ho Chi Minh City - Tam: "I feel lucky to have a job in the middle of the translation. Many people do business or to the production factory are affected by epidemics." . Falling for complaining when you continue to work at home long, many people choose to adapt to new life. Meetings, direct meetings in the job are converted to online form. Call 100 people are feature on Zalo used by people to meet, meet partners. Le Phan Nhat Dong - Transmission staff In terms of Ho Chi Minh City - said now the messaging platforms and online meetings such as Zalo are the main communication tool of the company to deal with the job. Many young people watch the story of accepting jobs online is anniversary Unforgettable in life. Some people who first go to work, do not come to the company, do not know their fellow face, only receive jobs through the video call.Anh Le Van Hoang (Ho Chi Minh City) has just received online jobs for a Share company: "If you look objective, this is an opportunity for people to adapt to a new way of working. In the world, getting a job and remotely is no stranger, Vietnam is still not familiar with. We are familiar with. is medium ". A community-oriented community causes separation, so it is often called the" Get Lost "stage (Get Lost". Lovers cannot meet, trips or plans to be unfinished in front of Bui Quan (Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) Share: "Bright wake up, see family members still safe, houses There is not in the blockade area as a lucky thing. Everyone complies with the principle of 5k, helping each other overcome the difficult phase ". No need to show much, but all are in the same direction soon passed, life was back to normal. Remember velvet is naked through online meetings, though not being beside each other can see how healthy the other is. Doctors, functional forces are day and night. Photo: Pham Ngo.Hanh Nguyen Khanh (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) Share: "Mother calls Zalo for me, looking at me crying. Mom said I live alone in Ho Chi Minh City so I'm worried. Look at my mother, But I have no other way, waiting for a more stable translation situation. "The medicine doctors, functional forces are day and night attempts, despite sweating, exhaustion continues to work out. Battle

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