People Play 100 Million Vnd With Hyundai Trucks Causing Many People To Serve: Lamborghini Front Bumper, With Off-road Snorkel

VERSION Hyundai Porter 150 is causing a stir of the network for strange, rare appearances in Vietnam. In Vietnam A: 00/1: 36 Southern Southern Hyundai Porter 150 style supercar style in Ho Chi Minh City for a car owner who lives in Lam Dong, costs about VND 100 million. Light-class trucks are very popular in Thailand and Japan, but are still strange in Vietnam. Front bumper with large wind cavities are inspired by Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, integration Vertical light positioning light strip strip. The rearview mirror coated overall color, adding a turn light

. Lighted with the level with LED mirror bridge. Halogen silhouettes are replaced with 3 LED strips. The car even has a breathing tube to increase the ability to wade
This is the usual detail on dedicated SUV off-road patterns. The window attaches the decorative splint, and the structure adds a mirror to observe the head of the car.MUI wind-viewed vehicle to increase aerodynamics. Inspired by the supercar motors posted after the driver. Large-size multi-spoke wheels are easy to think of Mercedes-Maybach. The strapless cover causes the lower car to roar, sync with the car's head. Open cake cavity. The non-cooled level with the following is there with a wind diffuser like a sports car, with 4 Porter 150 exhaust heads, a light truck, 1.5 ton load
Currently, the badger version costs VND 380 million. Cars using 2.5L turbocharger engine, with a capacity of 130 horsepower and 255nm torque. Photo: Phi Long

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