People Quit Over 700 Billion To Build Bicycle Museum, Pick Up Free Visitors

Bottle Lin has intense love with bicycles from the 60s of the century before witnessing the 2-wheel cars moving on the street.0: 00/4: 10 namuni nursing love and passion for bicycles For more than 50 years, abandoned early crimsible words, mocking, Mr. Chai Lin (67 years old, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China) has built an old bike collection more than 1,300 units and Self-dropping 200 million yuan (equivalent to VND 703 billion) Building a museum More than 18,659m2 only to display bicycles. Outside the bike museum at Gansu. Photo: Trip

.com love more than 50 years with a 2-commune 2-wheeled car, Mr. Chai Lin has intense love with bicycles from the 60s of the century before witnessing the 2-wheel cars moving on the street Lanzhou. The young year of the year feels the feeling, people sitting in the car like being flying and extremely excited
Since then, the bottle of Lin farming owns a bike to adventure on the street. "Bicycles carry valuable and unique memories. I would look forward to expanding the scale of museums, building a house for my bicycles. Lin Chai Lin "At that time, bicycles are still luxury items with Chinese civilians. By 1979, though it was Earn more money than you jersy but if you want to buy a domestic car with a salary, the calculation bottle must save, cut all the external expenditures in the new 4 months. To have money to buy a car soon More, the bottle used calligraphy talents and paintings learned from 6 years old to make money on the road. After bao efforts and the help of the family, young people have bought a brand of British brand Raleigh for 880 yuan (about 3 million VND) in 1980. The bottle family considered this treasure. Mother bottle also sewing a dust-proof cape for the car and lifted the car so rarely brought a car to go away. The bike is displayed inside this museum, when it becomes a businessman and enough money to buy motorbikes and cars Sang, bottle Lin still holds love with bicycles
He started collecting cars according to different names and brands, especially ancient cars, from all over the world, through auctions or many other ways. This passion and pleasure also brought him Less difficult. In order to participate in auction of ancient ancient vehicles abroad, because of the time difference, Mr. Lin was woke night to stay in time to attend. Another problem he encountered it was the criminals of friends and relatives. Many people wonder and criticize the entrepreneur of excess money, bring "scrap iron" to home, use money to useless. But Mr. Chai himself was never affected by other people's assessments. In the eye man from Lanzhou, the cars he gathered represents the development of global industrial civilization. For example, a Japanese bike that he collected is a testament to the process of establishing standards for manual production. All details on the car from the 4mm snail to wheels and tires ... are all strictly strictly followed, strict standards. Museum of 18,659m2 still exhibits an ancient bike displayed in the museum His Chai Lin. Photo: has so far, Mr. Chai has collected a total of 1,300 bicycles, including 100 cars produced by Japan. All are "treasures" of bicycle collectors worldwide. In 2009, thanks to the support of Gansu provincial government, the entrepreneur invested in 200 million yuan (about VND 703 billion ) Building a museum for bicycles, according to XINHTLINE. After 10 years of effort, Sanmu Gansu Bicycle Museum, in Lanzhou, officially opened visitors for free from January 2019. In 2021, there were 900,000 visitors to this area of 18,659m2 bicycle bike museum to store ancient bicycles (with a one-time 200 years ago) with 13,500 bicycle accessories, manual, car image Pedal ... right in half this year, this place has welcomed more than 900,000 visitors mainly primary, secondary and tourist students. It is a free museum but Mr. Bottle constantly upgraded technical technology Advanced to increase the experience. Recently, he deployed virtual reality video technology (VR) so visitors felt like being sitting on real bicycles. Currently, the museum is still not enough to exhibit bike collections His bottle should have a lot of vehicles to preserve in the warehouse. This is the motivation for Mr. Bottle to develop, expand the museum further. Ceiling ceiling

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