People ‘say’ Do Charity

Right from the baby plate, see many people who do charity, she took care of the mind. Growing up, there is a chance to go in many places, meet many people, witnessing a lot of ordinary life scenes, she cried and found herself to be more fortunate than many people. Since then, Ms. Nang works good, helping many people as a way to repay the life. She is a Tang Thị An, in Group 1, Quang Trung Ward (Thai Nguyen City)

.0: 00/3: 06 Southern regional increase in Thi An (outer) and his friend to give a gift forces to force of Agriculture and Forestry University Thai Nguyen. Because at all, she enlisted to work with good work. Calling her, when she was going to a market to buy, warm, fruits, fruits, milk and cakes to donate the force to make a key tasks in quarantine areas
At the same time, she was in Bac Kan who had a mysterious car on the car taken to Thai Nguyen, mobilizing people to buy help support consumers for people. Oluzy as any time for work, she went to visit, Encourage difficult circumstances in life, or go to campaign, give extraordinary gifts to families with illnesses, accidents ... Ms. said: Going forever, now a few days don't go anywhere, don't do anything Useful is to see it. When I was still difficult before I didn't say it, the lives' condition was alright, helping anyone, I was willing to. Every day, I only remove a cup of coffee or party with you that have helped many people. The head through social networks to see where there is a situation where you need help, you will save the address and diving Wade to take place to give them gifts. But then she saw how it was fragmented and not much spread, so she joined the club (club) to share a great happiness to call, help more objects
This is also one of the prestigious charity organizations, regularly in collaboration with the Red Cross of Dai Tu district to organize humanitarian relief activities. Leped here, after capturing information about the landscape Ms. Dang Thi Duyen, neighborhood of Hoen, Phuc Chu commune (Dinh Hoa) The new husband lost while plowing the field, leaving the old mother and 4 children with bank debt, Ms. An stood up calling for hers The mind was over 8 million VND to bring to the hands and encouraged her family. Or as she has been with a campaign with over 31 million VND to help Nguyen Anh Dung, street group 3, Hung Son town (Dai Tu) Treatment of disease due to traffic accidents ... witnessing sacrifices , the strenuous forces of the early glands of Covid-19 epidemic, and the sharing club is a happy job that has made many jobs to contribute to the epidemic of the province. last month, after receiving information Some quarantine latches in the quarantine quarantine of Thai Nguyen University are struggling, she immediately mobilized benefactors and put money to buy 3 umbrellas, 2 supersock, milk, Shrimp noodles, cooling water, fruits worth nearly 5 million VND to give forces on duty at the latch. Mr. Trinh Huy Hoang, the member who is on the duty at this isolation key shared: We are very grateful for Ms. An and benefactors who are interested in promptly support our brothers and girls at the most difficult times. Thị Hạnh, Chairman of the Red Cross of Dai Tu, said: Ms. An is a woman rich in love, her jobs have created a great spread. It is also the common desire of humanitarian workers. Share the current job, Ms. An Bao: I am also a very multi-industry, trading some products on health care, filming, shooting Event photos and there are two rooms for rent. For me, it's simple to be very simple, that's pleasing with what I have and helping people in a more difficult situation than I ... Luu Phuong

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