People Severely Debt With Roads

When I was still in the middle of the cement, she had just carried, Mr. Tran Van Can (born in 1953, living in the house came out in the house, holding a led tree in his hand. He was going to shook his head: 'It's like that this she refuses to rest. Now now, the first time I saw the women alone patched the road. Perhaps he was a man to sit still, leaving it, so I would go together to help '

. The disease is not exaggerated, he can only mix the lake, scattered a bit, the gaze looks like the shadow of Mr. Minh.0: 00/4: 33 Southern areas in the sound of rain loudly, the sound of noise, between the beat Failed by the hands, she recounted the origin of the nickname "The girl fixes the way" everyone puts himself: "Long-term road, the car running a lot will degrade
From a small "pothole", gradually broadcast, sometimes eat half-way across the road. Before you encounter such a segment, run the car to dodge, how to do it. But once, I saw someone who could not dodge, collapsed immediately "pothole", died on the spot. That girl was very young, about to go home, crime. Then sometimes heard this person lose because she fell, who brought his arms, breaking his leg. Uncertain, I decided to patch the way. At the end, doing it ". The life of her family is not so difficult, but it is not enough to work. She leaned alone in an empty house, who was born with enough career: cooking tofu, rice culture, tightening of the medicine .
. did not get into the family. Every day does not work, she carries construction materials, aware of this road to another road in the commune. In her head like having a "pothole map", which ranging, how long, how long, she remembered. Don't know the technical technique, she grabbing her own understanding. For the first time, mixing the lake, the lake, poured down "pothole", the life of only a few days. Or sometimes, "potholes" are covered up higher than the road, the car runs through the cake. Or the material is sunk by the wheel, leaving a distance playing with the road, "the drive" still complete "pothes". Failure not only one, twice. NGUYEN THI MINHTHUMUS That's not miserable by being evaluated "crazy, crazy". Many skeptics of her actions are only instantaneous, or have a good "Italian". They pointed when she saw her misleading the road, letting go of small. More extreme, there are people who scraps, not for you to patch, even though "potholes" are in front of their door. Remembering the reason she started, she gradually practiced to "Lead Loud Wick", self-learning to patch the way more effectively. Crazy or awake in the eyes of others, with her, doesn't matter how to find herself to severe debt with the roads. Who understands the months of eating to eat conveniently, 10,000 dong sister also did not buy tickets number. She made the pants all over the pipes, leaving a little bit, only for enough money to buy patched plastic containers. Every 190kg container costs more than 4 million VND, she is ready to buy 2-3 barrels a trip. Plastic containers are nearly shallow, she is worried about: Where does money buy? Few people understand the feeling of burning heat when melting asphalt, when cement "eats" ulcers of hands, her feet. And no one understands the feeling of happiness when patching "potholes" with you. "The few days ago, preparing to" pothes ", people have to cut over one side. Today, the car ran straight bon bon, I saw cool, cool. I am poor, learning do not come, but can help reduce 1 person falling on the road, also the way I contribute to society "- Ms. Minh shared. Near a decade, the roads in the countryside Salty sweat of the thin woman, it's hard. Hundreds of plastic containers, tons of construction materials and how much of their money, their effort have been "paid" for roads. She received a joy, the peace of the bottom of her heart. She received more affectionate affection and lovers of neighbors, the reward of the local government. She didn't know how much to contribute far from, from artifacts to money to continue the journey of patching. She was no longer lonely, because many people were willing to accompany her, forming a patch of the road of the commune. I stood with her one day, listening to the person who walked the way to greet her from a distance: " Huh? "," The road next to me, which meals are free to watch it ". Ms. Pham Thi Hong (living Tri Ton town, Tri Ton district) stopped the car, putting in her hands 20,000 dong. "I was over 70 years old, didn't do anything to do money. But seeing the patch of extremely miserable lines, every time I went across the horizontal car, I also thousands of thousands of dong took it. Of little crush, contribute a little money to buy the stone so that it patched the road, "Ms. Hong left, letting the sister back with a very happy smile. Late, she returned home, the clothes were lem mud, haired hair rain. Pick up her, are 4 small, large dogs. They are abandoned, she brought to nurture. In addition, cement bags are carefully shielded, to use the next day. In the house, dismantling old clothes, she asked for the "booth 0 copper". In the place where she didn't have anything worth it, she had to lock the door. The most valuable, the heart of the "girl fixing the road" to the countryside, is the wish "Health to continue the journey" .gia Khanh

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