‘people’ Versatile Like ‘robot’, Doing The Whole Billion For Happy Wives, The Wife Revealed Unexpectedly

Ms. Tran Quy An's shares about his versatile husband made many siblings unexpectedly, whereabouts' please say about saying: "Women get a good man, do not have to mature." Because the man will always love, care about his wife and sacrifice for his family so his wife does not need to think and worry more. Wedding is like that husband is joy, happiness with any wife. 'People' versatile like 'robot', doing the whole billion to wife to be here, on a social networking group Sharing about spouses, marriage, family, a user name Quy An shared about her husband and marriage

. According to this user and her husband know each other over the network, both love far away and just decided to come together. "My husband once said" If he didn't see me, he never thought of a wife ", he was peaceful. No way, this young wife also said that, why did women have husband and family Still rather than life alone
Not only that, she also affirmed that there are no men in lazy, only men have not revealed their possibilities. (Screenshot) extracted the shares of this user: "Husband knows how to cook, Know to clean the house, learn to take things every time your wife goes to the bathroom has been available, knowing your wife needs to do hair or want to make your eyebrows and learn an appointment for your wife. My husband is very real right? And he is also very romantic, very or buying flowers and buying a wife gifts. The wife banned the flower to buy flowers for money, now he turned to buy fruits to buy fruits for a long time. Still receiving hands (gifts should not show off, afraid of everyone). "The romantic Valetine of her husband and sister. (Photo NVCC) husband 'people' get up to cook rice soon to work. (Photo NVCC) The shares of Quy An users have attracted quite a lot of interest of sisters in the Group Association. Everyone said that this wife was so good when she was married to the wonderful husband, versatile psychology like that. "Congratulations! Husband too loving and afternoon wife ', User Vuong Hoa wrote" I would like me If you are also happy to have a husband like my husband like my brother ", users Nguyen Thi Thuong Hue
Chia suddenly from the wife and Emdep.vn, Ms. Tran Quy An, currently living in the US for Knowing the husband in the story she shared is Brother Andy Le - her husband. It is known that both were married for nearly a year and are living in the United States. Before that, Ms. An couple worked in the US, Living 2500km apart and acquainted together online. "At first he thought of love, would not be durable. But life, nothing is impossible, "said Ms. An couple showing off the proposal. (Photo NVCC) The young wife shared her husband decided to love and marry her as a wife when she had never met her. Before that , he is a pretty naked man but when he came to Ms. An, he became a responsible person, speaking, can. "He smoked but I didn't like a smoking man. I asked if you quit smoking or not. Husband because I was determined to quit the medicine, stay healthy, "she said about her husband. After marriage, she was watching her husband loving herself more. I'm interested in my wife, I don't work with my wife , Make a calendar for your wife to go to beauty, buy a wife's gift like. "He said that he wanted me to loves him more so he works", this user confesses. (NVCC) Ms. Tran Quy An said, The woman who wants a happy marriage should share, mind a lot with her husband, let him know what he likes, hate. This wife believes that women want to be happy, so 'lazy' a bit. " Actually I think that women should not hug them over. Women can be lazy a bit, eat a little bit and not every day trying to do houseworks like cooking, cleaning up. The woman goes to work hard and tired of going home if you feel well Work home or 2 spouses together. Just hugging all the people and then blaming her husband, I didn't make yourself a mistake of women. I'm so lucky when my husband himself do home things. But if her husband does not know, the wife should assign and guide her husband to do it. Women do not try to do all the things and tired, sad ", the young wife shares a view. Moreover, when she saw her husband hard to work or do something to help me, the woman also helps me, the woman also helps me Should praise her husband, move on. The compliments and words that encourage will definitely continue the motivation so that husbands become versatile, can do the whole billion for funny wife.

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