Pep Embracing Tuchel?

Thomas Tuchel met Pep Guardiola in the match that was considered the largest of this first half of this Premier League season, because the two teams they led were European and Premier League CA.Thomas Tuchel met Pep Guardiola in the match viewed The largest in the first half of this Premier League season, because the two teams they led were European champions and the British Premier League and because they were the best coaches in the world. From time to time, Pep remained outstanding When confronted with almost all other coaches, only two German coaches: Tuchel and Klopp. The ratio of confrontation between PEP with Klopp is 9 win, 3 draws, 9 losses. The ratio between PEP with Tuchel is 4 win, 1 draw, 3 lost

. But never Pep lost a colleague to 3 consecutive matches as before Tuchel. Since coming to Chelsea in January 2021, Tuchel led Chelsea to win Man City all three matches they met, including the biggest victory of the Champions League final. In this week, Pep will have to The head with the two coaches said above when Chelsea and their Liverpool were heading the table with a certain form
Between these two matches, Man City will meet PSG stars at the Champions League.Man City framework that is easily captured? Most recent Man City has such a heavy footage as close to the end of 2017-18 season, Between the two matches with Liverpool in the Champions League quarter-finals within 1 week is Manchester Derby. Pep's Man City lost all three games. If it repeated this week, it would be a lethargic blow to the beliefs of Pep and his students in the campaign to conquer the title of the season 2021-22 . People will be doubted about the depth of Man City squad and doubt about PEP's flexibility in holding a heavy competition to Man City when some players like Ilkay Gündogan, Rodri, Aymeric Laporte, John Stones, Oleksandr Zinchenko is not physical enough, and their appearance is quite suitable when clamping between 5-6 goals are deadlocked matches at the stage of scoring. Matches including bold winning and deadlock Looking above for the audience, the Man City's things are almost in the visualization of the audience. They won bold means their gameplay glow, they lose and draw means that the players are clogged. They are unchanged, lack of flexibility, lack of mutations. With any rival, Man City also plays such a way. And just have some resources and use a little tactic tactics a little that can arrest Man City
As Tottenham, Southampton and part is that Leicester has done. Chelsea is increasingly flexible, the flexibility of Tuchel's tactics is a companion to Chelsea. For example, the Tottenham victory 3-0 last week, when Jorginho and Matteo Kovacic were given between Tottenham overwhelmed, N'Golo Kante entered the yard to replace Mason Mount, Chelsea moved the diagram from 3-4-3 to 3-5-2 , Marcos Alonso on the left wing was pushed up higher, Chelsea regained the game, not to Tottenham any chance. On Chelsea's bench has too many good players to Tuchel rotating the player; use suitable people for each opponent; And resolved the deadlock right in a match. There was the most expensive striker in the Premier League, but Chelsea did not depend on Romelu Lukaku. After 5 rounds, there were 10 Chelsea players named the scoring list. They are the team with many Premier League scorers. Indicating the flexibility in the tactics that chelsea threat can come from many positions on the field. Chelsea's depth, flexibility and balance of Chelsea are in the top European but the spirit of fighting Tuchel transmitted into the team in a short time was incredible. If Chelsea under Maurricio Sarri or Frank Lampard, they crumbled before Tottenham's continuous attacks last week. But this Chelsea still stood firm. In 41 matches from Tuchel arrived, Chelsea had 24 defense battles. A highest rate in Europe. Show the ability to organize defense has never disappeared from the DNA of this team. Even the previous defender Andreas Christensen is now one of the most reliable people in England.The Athletic as a statistical among the Premier League teams for the past 20 years, what position Most importantly for a champion team. Their answer is the goalkeeper and the middle line. Chelsea are having excellent factors in these positions. The middle with Kante and Jorginho is obviously so. The goalkeeper position too. Edouard Mendy, the best goalkeeper in the European season through injury has Kepa Arrizabalaga well alternative. Tuchel pulled Kepa from the bottom of the defects gradually, giving him the final matches to get him to regain confidence, and contributed to the team as needed.Man City continued to be overwrought Chelsea had problems, it was public goods without any players who really toe with Lukaku. Mount and Kai Havertz haven't done good performance. However, Timo Werner is quite gradually. Werner runs continuously and runs correctly created for Lukaku the gaps and gives the Chelsea squad of scoring opportunities.

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