Pepper Prices Today 14/9, Move Sideways, Lowest 76,000 Vnd / Kg;

According to the assessment, this time, the new development of pepper area is appropriate. Because the pathogen in the soil has decreased after years of stopping pepper cultivation. Rising pepper prices also create motivation for people. Pepper today 14/9, go flat, lowest 76,000 VND / kg. (Source: MC) Today's price in the domestic market is stable, trading at VND 76,000 - 80,000 VND / kg in the localities

. In addition, today's lowest price in Dong Nai is at the level 76,000 VND / kg. Pepper today in Gia Lai provinces (77,000 VND / kg); Dak Nong, Dak Lak (78,000 VND / kg); Binh Phuoc (79,000 VND / kg) and Ba Ria - Vung Tau at the highest level of VND 80,000 / kg. With a price of 1
5 times higher than the beginning of the year (on 1/1/2021 on about 52,500 - 54,500 dong / kg), many localities in 2 large pepper growing areas: Southeast and Central Highlands have recorded farmers' phenomena. According to the evaluation, this time, the development of new pepper area is suitable. Because the pathogen in the soil has decreased after years of stopping pepper cultivation. Pepper prices also created more motivation for people. However, the functional industry recommends, people should not see high pepper prices that grow too massively, pay attention to how to plant the use of biological preparations. News in Dak Lak Newspaper, 2015, Mr. Vo Ngoc Dung (Xuan Vinh village, Phu Xuan commune, Krong Nang district) When it is the first year student in the telecommunications industry has decided to give up their studies and return to Krong Nang's home Chasing a passion for agriculture. Also want to intercropping pepper on 1 ha of family coffee to increase income. However, the moment many pepper gardens in the province of the disease died quickly, died slowly, the price continuously plunged to only 40,000 VND / kg, many farmers defeated, were no longer saved with pepper. So, the decision to grow pepper's pepper at that time was said that many people were said to "crazy"
Performing and knowing that the cause of pepper and death is from the lack of sustainability, due to abuse Fertilizers and plant protection drugs. He goes to the internet to learn the process of planting pepper in organic organic directions. In 2016, Dung shook hands to redesign the garden. He chose to grow black mugs and made the pepper while creating a shade for coffee. Making organic agriculture, the most important is the process of renovation for soil. Because of that, to balance the ecosystem and microorganisms, he let grass grow naturally, do not use herbicides. This is a way to keep moisture for the soil, especially in the dry season, sunshine. Also, Dung use manure and agricultural waste to incubate with microbiological enzymes as fertilizer supplements for plants. By the time of harvesting, Dung hired labor to filter ripe fruits and then exposed in the membrane house. This is quite good, but because Dung has urged the amount of water, fertilizer for the garden of flowering and fruiting . To demonstrate quality products, brave products to check out the test. "After a long period of care, harvest in organic, in 2019, I sold the red pepper. for VND 250,000 - VND 300,000 / kg, black pepper 90,000 VND / kg, coffee price 80,000 - 85,000 VND / kg; High 3 high compared to market prices. After deducting the cost, 1 ha of gardens for interest income is over VND 200 million / year, much higher than the traditional way of doing ". Economic efficiency from organic agriculture, bravely The families in the affiliated neighborhood expanded the cultivated area to 3 hectares. Currently not only has stable outputs, British crude pepper products also have not enough supply of goods for agricultural export companies. (General)

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