Perfect Beauty Of Classic Ferrari Testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa since the 1980s have the perfect combination of classic looks and modern features instance.02: 00/2: South Vietnam in May this year, Swiss Fioravanti Company revealed Ferrari Testarossa project mine. Recently, the company revealed the photos of supercars in the 1980s after being modernized.Theo, Fioravanti still retains a flat 12-cylinder engine of 4.9 liter to be symbolic of Ferrari Testarossa

. (Photo: Motor1) However, the difference is now, Ferrari Testarossa creates a capacity of 510 horsepower and 599 nm maximum torque. In the original version, standard capacity in Europe is 385 horsepower and 490 nm. The Swiss company does not disclose the necessary modifications to increase such strength
This Ferrari Testarossa can reach the impressive rate of 201 miles per hour (324 km / hour). This number is much stronger than the speed of 290 km / h of the original car. (Photo: Motor1) In addition to upgrading strength, Fioravanti also adds anti-lock braking and controlling traction. Cars using Öhlins damping systems can adjust electronically and brembo brakes exclusively for racing cars to help cars reduce the speed smoothly. (Photo: Motor1) Looking from the outside, you can't really know that This testarossa is nothing different from the original. The most remarkable change is the original 16-inch LA-ZANT set, instead of a 17-inch pieces in front and 18 inches in the back. Along with that, the company also mounted them a set of racing tires. (Photo: Motor1) Even with these upgrades, Fioravanti can still help the classic Ferrari drop by 130 kg. Initially, the company planned to make Testarossa reduce 120 kg. Obviously, the company has found a few things that can reduce weight
Inside, the company removes original plastic pieces and replaces them with aluminum components. The stereo system now supports Apple Carplay. Fioravanti still retains the phone in the car like the old but modified it to use Bluetooth, allowing a person to still make calls if desired. (Photo: Motor1) can be said, the Ferrari Testarossa Fioravanti brings a perfect combination of classic appearance and modern features. Thăng (Source: Moto1)

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