Persisting Pillars To Enrich The Border (lesson 4)

'In this border, it comes to Hao An anyone. Previously, he planted a large sweet potato. Now, he planted ginger, coffee, durian ..

. also won. He was sure the owl, the calculation was very close. Alone he went to the Northern border provinces learn how to grow ginger, hunting to buy what kind of 'suffer' land in the Central Highlands, many people in the commune to learn how to do his family '- Mr
Nguyen Van Anh , Secretary of the Party Committee - Chairman of the People's Committee of Border Commune Dak Buk So, Tuy Duc District, Dak Nong Briefs (00/5: 22Nam Nuanong Tran Van Hao applies mechanization in agricultural production. Photo: Hai Luan 4: The party secretary of the village "enchanted" to get rich "to quickly beat" billions of money - keep the "basic" trees listening to the commune leadership saying more details "expensive", we went to the field to meet Mr. Hao, saw his whole family carrying each fertilizer car with coffee trees waiting to rain down. He left the job led me to visit a round of land hectares that are planting coffee, durian, butter, ginger, ... "Last year, I sold 24 tons of ginger, revenue of VND 500 million, collecting extra money Selling coffee and durian about VND 400 million more. In 2021, "Thuong" will collect billions from ginger "- Mr. Tran Van Hao (50 years old) to catch through the land area of 4 hectares of his family, new to the area of ginger growing, considered The battle "quickly beat" billions of money. According to Hao's explanation, ginger is a short tree, revolving capital and fast money recovery
After 2 cases of trial planting, bringing the highest economic efficiency, the early 2021, Mr. Hao focused on planting about 5 tons of breeding ginger, when harvesting will reach productivity of over 100 tons of tubers, the average price of VND 25,000 / kg, there will be 2.5 billion dong revenue. "The price has a drop to 10,000 VND / kg of tubers, I also earn 1 billion. The domestic market is "eating" ginger, that's why I "quickly beat" this billions of money, but have to keep the tree "basic" coffee, it's like a plain rice, to ensure The family's living source and stable income in front of all incidents of market prices up and down. There are 200 durian plants intercropping in the middle of the coffee area, newly planted for the second year, 3rd, ... some trees have given quite income. Number of these durians, I identified as a long-term economic value of the long-term "- Mr. Hao calculated. Family dures of Mr. Tran Van Hao are flowering. Photo: Hai Luan- Chairman of the commune told him to win, where is the secret of lying? - I asked straight into the farmers of the farmers who needed. - Making agriculture must be diligent, take care of trees thoroughly, "Tam" I don't "make money" in that place. Before I started growing ginger, having to go out to Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Son La, Lang Son provinces, ... Learn, learn how to cultivate ginger, find good breeds, withstand weather in the West Original. I do the soil carefully, making a trench for a lot of manure, the coffee ground down, then planted the breeds, choose the time of applying micronutrients. Trees with nutrients will grow, higher yield, profit greater than other households. Who came here, I also instructed carefully the way of cultivation, meeting some ethnic minority people, "Damn it," I quit my job to tell them much more American, easy to understand, illustrate each planting period, Cham squirrel, do not sign anything. I work as a village branch secretary, the higher responsibility in propaganda and dissemination for producers to achieve high productivity. The essential issue is to be difficult to bear, very difficult to get rich in this border area. Thao is still grown litchi along the shore of the lake, along streams. His goal must create "5 copper" income in the year, such as coffee, ginger, durian, butter, litchi. Therefore, Mr. Hao's family has enough money to raise a daughter who is studying in Japan, buys more land. Because of the Branch of the Branch - Speaking of the Line Time ago, 1996, Mr. Tran Van Hao was completed Military obligations, from Ha Tinh hometown into workers at a coffee company in the Central Highlands. "At that time, the company went to reclaim land at the border of Vietnam - Cambodia, at night, I slept in the middle of the forest. The director was scared, said: "At night, it was near the border guard station, though Duc, Dak Nong Procteoceration would like to sleep and sleep, what happened to run into the ride". I listened to the Word, at night moving near the border guard station though Germany "- Mr. Hao recalled again. The last time, the company dissolved, he was proud to do his own, alone in a distant border, suffering enough . He returned to his hometown to led his wife to work together to stand up at the border. At first, his couple made a small shelly at the field, there was a lot of money to buy additional land for cultivation, buying land as housing under residential area. In 2005, village and border village was established, Mr. Hao Elected village, becoming a central unity of ethnic minorities and new persons from other places to settle. In 2008, established a branch of Tuy Duc village. Dong Tran Van Hao takes care of ginger plants. Photo: Hai Luan, "I am the party member of the only village, the Party Committee of Dak Buk So appointed me to make a party secretary, a party member in the commune and a party member of the border guard station , 3 party members to establish a branch. After 2 years, distributed

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