Petrol Prices Rose Back After The Positive Assessment Of The Fed

After decreasing to the lowest level of months, gasoline prices today turned to rise again thanks to a positive assessment of the prospects of crude oil consumption of Fed.0: 00/1: 54 South in the early August 20 (Vietnam Time), on the New York Mercantile Exchanghe, WTI lightweight crude oil price delivered in October 2021 stood at 63.95 USD / barrel, an increase of 0.45 USD / barrel in the session. However, if compared to the same period on August 19, WTI oil prices delivered in October 2021 fell 0

.3 USD / barrel. The illustration of Brent oil price October 2021 stood at 66.72 USD / Barrel, an increase of 0
27 USD / barrel in the session and fell 0.63 USD / barrel compared to the same time on 18 / 8. The price of oil on August 20 tends to increase slightly after the crude oil market recognized The positive assessment of the Fed on the growth prospects of the US economy. In the minutes of the meeting in July 2021, the Fed mentioned the ability to narrow down the purchase of bonds and securities in this year If the economy continues to be improved as expected. Especially, at the above minutes, the Fed has emphasized the impact of Covid-19 translation not too large and does not delay the recovery of the economy. Today is also supported by the prospect to improve the raw demand more positively, when European countries continue to relax measures to prevent translation by accelerating the Covid-19 Covid-19 room vaccination programs. In contrast, the minutes P of the Fed also pointed out many risks for oil price prospects. In particular, political fluctuations in Afghanistan; Negative movements of translations across the global range with rapid spread due to Delta variations; Slowards of the Chinese economy ..
will be the risk factors for American economic growth. Oil prices on August 20 are also limited by negative forecasts about full oil consumption needs Bridge in 2021 and the whole year 2022. Hoang Anh

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