Pfizer Accused Staff Stealing Data Vaccine Covid-19

Pfizer filed a single court against his employees when accusing her to steal thousands of documents, including documents containing trade secrets and related to Vaccine Covid-19.0: 00/1: 49 Southern Filesuits are submitted by Pfizer to the Southern County Court of California, their employees are Chun Xiao Li allegedly downloaded 12,000 documents, including "dozens of" sensitive documents, up Google Drive . The stolen documents contain a variety of topics, including the research of vaccines, operating objectives and new drug development.Lee joined the Global Pfizer product development team in China in 2006 and moved to the Ministry Work in San Diego 10 years later. When renting, the woman signed an agreement that did not disclose information

. In 2019, Pfizer disabled the ability to transfer files via USB's USB to prevent data leakage. In October 2021, the company also introduced technology monitoring technology to download file to cloud platforms like Google Drive. As a result, the company has discovered when Lee loads 12,000 documents on Google Drive
Lee's email analysis showed that this employee was investigated in Xencor. When captures download files, the woman acknowledges that it is the document in the report for personal use. At the same time, she said she didn't copy or send them anywhere. After talking to the company's investigators, Pfizer said she deleted all the files from Google Drive. This staff confessed deleted data in the second conversation with investigators. She was later asked to provide a laptop and external hard drive, however, through the investigation showed that the laptop that this employee provided was not a computer to download files up, and A large number of files have been deleted. Currently, Pfizer is asking the Court to order Lee for the company's external lawyers to access the personal Google Drive account and all computer devices Her ./. CTV Kien An / VOV.VN (translation) According to GadgetTendency

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