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Born and raised in Thai Binh, from Hong Tri (born in 1992), there was a sincal thinking and programming. Graduated from high school and Hong Tri to study in information technology majors and so he entered a university lecture in the University of Family. Southern region of 1 year, he discovered himself very well The industry is studying. Most of the time he dedicated to programming applications and website design. Some of his first products are praised by everyone who has motivated him to develop his talents and reap a lot of success

. SHARE TO THE DIYSTANCE Come to Website design, Hong Tri said: "Previously, I used to think after graduating from university will only trade freely. However, later, I felt myself quite a lot of good ideas as well as gifted in website design, especially marketing, the surrounding environment is also more and more developing Great things. Therefore, I have more motivation to make dreams of becoming a reality like now
"Promoting a job that requires creativity, Hong Tri acknowledging itself has a lot of difficulties because of not hobble Experiment on website design as well as time to understand the tastes of customers and the market. The most desirable of Pham Hong Tri today he is playing its personal website and YouTube channel to train SEO for the way you are real Show your business. In addition, he also serves SEO services and Website care services for businesses and individuals who want to start a business in the online market at a very low cost sometimes at 0 dongs in campaigns to help start up. "Website design company profast will always accompany your business with you" is the sentence you are always the most interesting thing. I also share it. Then use yourself. There are times to make a bit error but also as a customer before and for the amendment opportunity. After a few failures, I also ask myself: Should I continue to pursue this passion? ", The 9x boy shared. Maybe that, the more failed, Hong Treat Casting gives me more valuable lessons and experience to work better. For him, "Every effort today will be rewarded with a worthy result in the future"
Title also recently reviewed the famous designed websites on YouTube to supplement knowledge and learn more experience From professional website designers. After the design sites, the 9x boy is not discouraged but still strives, explores and learns to soon create the most quality and best products for customers. In particular, during the journey to realize dreams, Hong Tuc also feels very happy because of receiving support and encouragement from family and friends. "The failures, difficulties, I are all The people comforting and giving huge trust, that is the motivation for himself to revive his spirit and stronger. Get successful as today, I have to send a thanks to my parents, friends - who have always trusted, encouraged myself, from the first days I followed, "Hong Tri added. The force, determination of a young man, so far, Hong Tuc's website design is much more convenient. He begins to go into a large-scale website design and website design for import companies, office fashion, clothing shop, ... with Hong Tri, living with passion, each The period of time becomes meaningful and beautiful. After this work will be a lot of difficulties, but every effort will result, difficult to be a challenge to help us grow and pride More themselves. Known, in addition to the main job is Website design, Hong Tri is also a CEO of the Profast Website Designing Company in the future, Hong Tri wishes yourself to try harder to expand the field of website design, translation Seo case, SEO training puts its products and services covered in domestic and foreign markets.

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