Pham Huong Shows Off Her Hearing And Self-cooking Trays, Fans Sobs Praise Like A Chef!

Miss Pham Huong shows off a hearty rice trays that make fans praise the words <: 00/0: 29 namhoa domain Pham Huong is having a happy life with her husband and 2 children on American land. Beauty regularly updates images on the personal page. Although there was no longer active in the showbiz, the Miss Universe was born in 1991 still received special attention. She also showed the ability to cook made fans sobbed. Recently, Pham Huong shows off traditional cuisine on Thanksgiving day including extreme eye-catching

. Huong Huong side of cozy rice, filled with colors with traditional dip dishes Thanksgiving such as: Turkey, potatoes, asparagus, ..
Pham Huong Hanh Phuc with a harmonious color rice, presenting the eyes. The dishes are well prepared, attractive. Date during Thanksgiving Traditional ways with typical materials are from hundreds of years this year. Attractive turkey is prepared by Pham Huong, decorating with vegetables other than high-class restaurants. Rosemary is a beautiful raw material that often uses to increase the special fragrance for food. Mother of beautiful Miss is enjoying happy life with girls and grandchildren.

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