Phat Fever Delicious Vietnamese Star Cooking When Stretching The Way ‘eat Off’ The Restaurant

At home, many Vietnamese beauties such as Lan Khue, Hair Tien, Phan Nhu Thao, Le Phuong showed on the kitchen to cook a series of delicious delicious dishes. In the breakfast, Lan Khue regularly into the kitchen Cooking with delicious dishes to treat families. Recently, the length of the village long-legged fans makes fans enhanced as the characteristic Tacos of the Mexican looks extremely attractive. Lan Khue's food looks extremely eye-catching from the color to the presentation. Before that Not long, the beauty once breeze with the northern noodle vermicelli

. Lan Khue was also praised when he made a soy sauce to eat grapes. The dish is decorated with extremely romantic flowers. This is a seafood dish with a European-style supermodel that looks like a flower garden, looking beautifully without eating
At home, fairy hair singer also Collecting the kitchen to cook enough dishes from the North to South for Mr. Hoang Touliver Commune. HERE HERE, HAIR HEAD MANG FINANCIAL RICE MAKE FOOTWAY, Dishes make her so tired that you want to leave the kitchen right after cooking. The northern noodle dishes are prepared by the Hairstille for Mr. Xa. The singer is still in a raw bread "Healthy" for the family. New here, Le Phuong makes many people who have to have their eyes when showing off the cake The sense of durian because she made herself with the outer green shell with the fresh orange beside. The actor revealed, how it was not difficult to do. You just need to follow the normal dumpling formula and make the color into the powder to shape the cake shape will be successful. Before that, Le Phuong also received a lot of compliments with super delicious, soft and catchy chrysanthemum bread, catch Eye
At the house of epidemic day, Phan Nhu Thao on the kitchen to cook a lot of delicious dishes, including bread, the beauty of the beauty makes it look good and crispy. Photo: FB, IG. Video tracking readers: "Top 9 most delicious cakes in the world". Source: Yannews.

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